Yay We made it to 300 Million Views on YouTube

We are celebrating with a New NFT! Don’t play yourself Get it Now!

Slay Network has announced its YouTube channel major view count milestones have been minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and are for sale.

Slay Network is currently the worlds best Virtual magazine/Social Club/Shopping Club for those who like to dream and see some of the pleasures of what it is like to have an abundance of options on what to buy,where to go, what to drive, what to gift the ungiftable, where to live etc.

Founded in 2016, Slay Network today features the most unique collection of luxury extravagant goods, experiences and lifestyle worldwide. It’s 10,000 plus exquisite items curated by Slay Concierge range from rare supercars to luxury watches. An affluent audience of 2000 plus per day is browsing for the finest watches, cars, made to measure clothing and unique gifts for sale.
With more than 200,000,000 views from around the world, Slay Network is the unique marketplace for HNWI’s SHNI’s. With products as well as users evenly spread throughout the Americas, EMEA, Africa and Asia, is the only truly global site to experience or market luxury.

Working closely with the Slay branding team Sarah Palmer head of branding has named its NFT collection “Certified Slay Network Memorabilia.” This means Slay Network fans and members can now collect the “Certified Slay Network Memorabilia” and have their own unique copies.

Inspiration Behind the Certified Slay Network View Count milestone

According to Slay Network guest posts on many notable blogs , Slay Network revealed that they began regularly posting on their YouTube channel back in 2016. On their channel, they share inspiring videos and extravagant product videos which usually showcase their fashion items on ultra luxurious affluent looking Women who they’ve dubbed as the Slay Angels. Interestingly there is also a focus on rich kids content which they’ve dubbed as Slay Bambinis.

The content shared on Slay Networks social media channels most notably YouTube had very encouraging responses from its viewers. Some viewers revealed that they have been emotionally invested in their videos and made the decision to subscribe long before the account blew up and reached a major milestone, such as hitting two hundred million views and four hundred subscriptions at the time of writing. Therefore, their responses and comments inspired the Slay Team led by Sarah Palmer to mint the channel milestones as NFTs. According to Sarah no one else is doing this, so this NFT SEGMENT is the first of its kind.

As a result, Slay Network launched “Certified Slay Network YouTube view count milestone Memorabilia ,” an avenue for subscribers and VIP slay club world members to be part of Slay Networks major YouTube view count milestones.

About the Certified Slay Network YouTube View count milestone Memorabilia

When you collect a “Certified Slay Network YouTube view count milestone Memorabilia,” it can be likened to collecting an autographed version of the view count milestone. Such view count milestones will be registered of course first on YouTube, However, collecting an NFT means you’re purchasing a digitally signed certificate of this milestone. Such a milestone has been verified and certified by Slay Network, making it unique and scarce.

Slay Network goes on to say that you can virtually hang the NFT to inspire yourself, share it with friends, or trade it with other “Certified Slay Network YouTube views milestone ” enthusiasts. Slay Network also further revealed that each holder of the subscriber milestone NFTs will receive one acknowledgment via means of a name mention, social handle or website link on any video or community post of their choice. If requested the holder can also request an announcement of their purchase on all Slay Network social media channel assets. The holder will need to send an accompanying approved photo for this announcement.

Partnership With OpenSea for NFT Transactions

For the NFTs’ transactions, Slay Network has decided to partner with OpenSea. Through OpenSea, you can safely bid, purchase, and trade Slay Network NFTs. Slay Network also believes that, hopefully, the demands for its NFTs will escalate, at which point they will consider creating more. As for now, Slay Network has minted several of which there are only five art design copies (super rare) highlighting each milestone with the released NFTs signalling each event as a limited edition run.
The milestone for views will be released per every one hundred million.

As each one hundred millionth view milestone will be minted as an NFT, purchasing it means having a “Certified Slay Network Bragging Right.” Slay Network invites everyone to support their NFTs and become a part of history as these are the first YouTube views milestone memorabilia minted as NFTs on OpenSea. You can check out the collection here.

It goes without saying that any Slay Network NFT holder should definitely subscribe to Slay Networks YouTube channel.









We are celebrating with a New NFT! Don’t play yourself Get it Now!

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