Your specially prepared Slay Billionaire scrumptious, indulgence will arrive via air mail.
You will receive a Styrofoam-lined, dry-iced package. Inside you will discover the treats you have been dreaming of.

If you are throwing a big party you might want to consider the go-to option – cupcakes. The variety of slay billionaire desserts available online is splendid, but the consistency and flavor will win you over. Take a gander at these dessert options:

* Mixed Berry Galette : $1721
* Chocolate Espresso cake: $2000
* Piñata cake with smarties: $2000
* Mango and coconut tart: $1721
* Chocolate Tahini Cookies 12: $1112
* Camouflage Brownies 12: $1242

Maybe your party is going to be a little more sophisticated. That’s no problem, as the list of both is quite long and incredibly delicious. Slay Billiinaire Desserts makes some of the most decadent desserts around.

Why Choose Slay Billionaire?
What began as a dream has became an industry-leading reality. Slay Billionaires pursuit of excellence has paid off, earning Slay Billionaire many accolades. Slay Billionaire have created desserts for Slaylebrities worldwide.

Always seeking the best ingredients, each incredibly is hand-selected from South America. Additionally, Slay Billionaire utilize locally grown fruit for many of the recipes.

This puts Slay Billionaire at the forefront of innovation and has allowed the brand to excel in the dessert industry.
The dessert menu offered by Slay Billionaire is extensive, Some of the items are gluten-free and no sugar added. We think it is important to offer everyone the luxury that is dessert. In fact, the driving force behind the company is “the power of good food shared.”
Whether you are throwing an extravagant party or just hosting an intimate gathering (perhaps just a party of one?), the desserts on the Slay Billionaire menu are sure to entice and satisfy.
If we haven’t yet grabbed your taste buds’ attention yet, then you are no lavish foodie.

You won’t be able to leave this page without placing an order from the best worldwide dessert delivery company in the business.

Slay Billionaire have extensively tested shipping methods and cakes will arrive ready-to-eat and do not need any refrigeration but if you would like to save the cake for more than 5 days we suggest freezing them to extend the shelf life. Extra large full size cakes will arrive cold or frozen with dry ice and dry ice handling instructions due to the nature of their size and ingredients used.

Due to the customized nature of each gift, please note that all sales are final!

Delivery Time: 10-30 working days.


* Mixed Berry Galette : $1721
* Chocolate Espresso cake: $2000
* Piñata cake with smarties: $2000
* Mango and coconut tart: $1721
* Chocolate Tahini Cookies 12: $1112
* Camouflage Brownies 12: $1242
* Healthy Blue berry and lemon muffins 12: $1892

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Lavish Slay Desserts for extravagant foodies!

Mixed Berry Galette

Chocolate espresso cake


Piñata cake with smarties

Piñata Deets

Filled with indulgy

Mango and coconut tart

Chocolate tahini cookies

Tahini Deets

Camouflage Brownies

Healthy Blueberry and Lemon Muffins

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