This is a Gorgeous must have item for any luxury travel junkie!
We love this multi functional and sassy slogan printed dress from slay my look.

Colors include black, yellow and white.

Price: $308.7
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Click here to get it (type look 02-69 in the search box to find it) or contact concierge for assistance and alternative billing options at or skype (slaynetwork).

Pair this look with the following

Rose gold diamond, white Alien, blue reflectors or green edge by slay my shades

No 66 by slay my shoes ready to wear
In yellow black or blue

Bella by slay my hair

Vitamin sea is great for peace of mind

The beach is the best escape anyone can have

Squad means family and family means nobody gets left behind

I can't really see another squad tryna cross us

Push yourself then let your squad push you further

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