Skull precious metals bracelet

Discover the worlds most Precious metals matched to a signature python and stingray genuine leather.

 Hades is the persistent and determined mythological Greek God of the Underworld, bestowed with riches and wealth from within the earth. A bracelet often spotted in spiritual indigenous villages where people live off the land, gaining wisdom and peace.
Black Stingray Hades:
* 100% Genuine Stingray Skin.
* 316 Stainless Steel.
* Black Platinum triple coated nano-plating.
* Each and every piece is handcrafted and produced in limited quantity.

Size: 16cm-22cm

Options: choose a design below

Concierge Price: $205
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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Brown Python

Skull precious metals bracelet

White stingray

skull precious metals bracelet

Natural Python

skull precious metals bracelet

Black stingray

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