My 16-year-old son dropped school for his YouTube channel (64 subscribers). How do I convince him to go back to school?

I would like to start off this answer by stating that I myself create YouTube Content Professionally that has been viewed millions of times so when it comes to this topic, I think I can shed some light on it. Currently, your son is 16 years age as you state so my suggestion to you is have him read this answer and have him follow my advice.
Don’t leave school to start YouTube.
YouTube isn’t an easy thing to make it big on, Infact, it took me 3 years to have my first video reach 1 million views and during that, I out countless hours into the channel, shut myself off from the world which caused a mired of mental health issues and just general lack of caring about my health. It takes ALOT of dedication to make it, but ALOT of sacrifice and let me tell you, while YouTube sounds like a dream job, it’s not.
Your son is 16 years old, he’s in the prime of his life where he’s at school and I promise you kid, school is truely the BEST time of your life. My advice to you would be that if you are that interested in becoming a YouTube content creator, Go to school and study something related to YouTube content creating that YOU want to do. Do you want to be a vlogger? Study photography. Do you want to be a games journalist and report on video games? Study Journalism and crack on down at English. Do you just want to play video games and be an entertainer? Study Drama and Film which is my personal experience.
Don’t throw your life away so early for something that only few people can manage to find success in. Continue making content, getting better and better at doing it while studying subjects that will make you better at said job.

I have a YouTube (handmade crafts related) channel with 144k subs. Do you want to know how much I make? $180 dollars per month at the most. I wouldn’t let my son drop school to pursue a social media career. At 16, we still make decisions for them. At 18 then they can decide but I tell my sons if they live with us and they don’t go to school then they have to work and pay us rent and bills.

Your 16 yr old son is making an adult decision by dropping out. I would have a serious talk with him and if he still decided to drop out than start treating him like an adult. Start charging for rent, food, and utilities. Don’t enable him and he’ll decide for himself if this was the right decision.

Counter advice

The money you make depends on views and and revenue, and i know someone who made almost 1.5k per month with 100k subs. I am not saying you are wrong, I completely agree, but subscribers is not how you estimate revenue.

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YouTube is a huge gamble the chances of winning big are becoming less and less everyday

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