Men are built to be horny sluts.

Think about it. Why else do men have nipples if not for slutty pleasure? They can’t nurse with them. Male nipples don’t express nurturing sustenance, helping new life grow to its fullest potential.

No, men’s nipples only give pleasure — or pain.

Admit it. You like your nipples licked and gently sucked. It makes you hard. Yes, you’ve gotten off to videos of women playing with their nipples, tugging and pinching them. But that was all for your benefit. Wasn’t it?

Those little mimic neurons in your brain felt that pleasure, didn’t they? As you watch a gorgeous model tweak her nipples, her mouth opens in a familiar “O” of ecstasy that makes your male brain light up with arousal.

Oh, but you’re too manly to admit you wish your nipples were tugged, squeezed, and licked like the women in porn.

OMG! Did you just pinch your nipple to see how it felt? See! I knew you were a little slut!

But seriously, how did it feel?😈

Did it send a wave of pleasure through your body to your dick? Did it make your cock twitch a little? Almost like a live wire running from your sensitive nipples to your needy cock?

Pinch them hard enough, and that nipple pleasure turns into delicious torture. An easy way for someone to control you, just like a little slut. A twist of the nipple sends you to the ground, ready to please or be pleased to end the pain.

And yet, there is nothing vital about a male nipple. One can pinch and twist it with zero fear of truly harming man. Besides, don’t try to fool me. You love being down on your knees before a virile dominant. It’s OK. Most men are afraid to admit their inner slut, but not you.

No. You’ve got a dick that loves to be pleased. In fact, I bet you stroke that rod of yours whenever you get the chance, touching yourself for hours. You’d rub your stiff shaft until your knees become jelly and your brain turns off. Now, tell me that men aren’t built to be sluts. You can’t.

Even your balls are exposed for pleasure or pain. Do you like when a lover tickles your balls with their fingers? Can you imagine your excitement when your lover delicately sucks one of your exposed balls into their warm, wet mouth?

You get turned on and leak your precum even when your lover is not so delicate. A gradually tightening squeeze causes you to drip a bit as the pressure makes you wriggle and groan. Now that I think about it, your balls look like little punching bags to take an unexpected slap or kick.

Yet, even as you bend over in a painful response, your brain lights up with such slutty feelings. Want another kick to the balls? Of course you do, slut! You’re such a slut, that I bet you’d beg for one more tight squeeze of your throbbing balls. You love any attention your balls can get.

After all, those balls continually produce cum that must be released. You can’t stop it. When you try to hold onto your semen too long, it erupts unexpectedly. You can’t even control yourself when you dream, awakening sticky and wet in the middle of the night. You have no choice other than continually draining those slutty balls, and you love it!

Most women need more than a simple stroke or two to get off. They need emotional connection, a safe place, and feelings of attraction. But not you. Hell! You’d probably beat off in a truck stop bathroom if you thought you wouldn’t get caught. Hell, the thought of getting caught only turns you on more, doesn’t it?

What? You jerked off in a dirty public toilet!? Damn! Men are such fucking sluts.😮

No wonder everyone learns how to use your dick to control you. Others love teasing you, don’t they? Making your cock leak precum until your underwear gets all sticky and wet. Oh! Is that a stain forming on the front of your pants!? I know more than once you couldn’t control yourself and had to cover up your slutty erection with a coat, pillow, or crossing of the legs.

Oh, are you embarrassed by your errant erection and involuntary wet marks? That’s too bad. You can try to hide it when it’s hard and oozing, but everyone can tell. You’re a fucking horny male. Aren’t you!

Admit it. Men are built to be sluts. It’s time you realized that.

Men are the ones who must be taught self-control and consent. Just because you’re horny doesn’t mean you can fill a woman’s messages with photos of your lustful little dick. You are too eager to spill your load for anyone who will give you a little attention. What the hell are you thinking?

Women don’t work like that. They expect more. They want to be heard and appreciated for more than the pleasure they can give. So, a man must learn to control his slutty urges, saving them for someone special who enthusiastically wants to savor all his delicious lust. I know it isn’t easy, but you can do it. After all, most men are happiest when their balls practically burst full of their horny juice.

And we haven’t even mentioned your ass. What? Haven’t you explored your ass yet? I guess you’re too afraid to give in to your slutty nature. It can be a slippery slope. You can’t help it. It’s how you were built — a little lust machine.

With a finger, butt plug, or dildo in your ass, you can reach your prostate. Feel that little acorn-size bump? Oh my! Your face just lit up. Aww! Did you find a new slutty part of yourself to explore for your lover?

Oh, this will be fun! Pressing against that prostate feels so good. Too good! I think it’s funny that the only way you can reach it is through your ass. Of course, once you discover the pleasure of your prostate, it will be difficult for you to resist putting things in your ass to reach it.

But you don’t want to risk getting hooked on that pleasure, do you? Go ahead. I dare you. Let’s find out! What is the worst that could happen if you like it?

But men are not sluts, right? Men would never push something inside their ass to explore their hidden pleasure button. Of course not. I mean. Stores sell strap-ons, but no guy would ever let a partner fuck his ass, right? Only the man does the penetrating in sex, right? Still, they are big sellers for some reason.

Ha, ha! You little slut, are you searching shopping sites for strap-on dildos now? There is no need to hide the desires that build up inside you. We all know what you are. Who are you kidding?

Oh, are you blushing from embarrassment? That’s so cute, trying to hide your slutty nature when we both know you’ll soon beg your lover to mash that button until you spill the seed from your aching balls.

It’s not your fault you are a slut. You have so many vulnerable nerve endings desperate to be pleased and teased! Now, free yourself from the confines of social perceptions and admit it.

Men are built to be horny sluts!


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








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