My rule is play but don’t touch me!

The next time he sends me a video, a few days later, fifteen of us are around the table in the boardroom, and my boss is up there droning through a slide deck.

The thumbnail is right where the first video left off — he’s one finger deep in my ass.

It’s time to play, his message says. Round two. Watch it now.

I’m a meeting! I tell him. My clit is already tingling, despite my protest.

Too bad. Sound off. Then go masturbate for me in the washroom.

I cast a furtive glance around, but almost everyone is scrolling their phone. I wonder how many of them are watching videos of their own ass getting prepped for a pounding.

Holding my phone on my lap where no one can see it, I triple-check the sound is off.

I hit play.

He works the finger in and out of my tight ass. I am instantly horny as hell watching it, desperate for that feeling again. The pressure, the fullness, the slight burn that only makes me want more. Need more.

His hand pauses, like he’s talking to me, then he gives my ass a little swat. I clench my legs together under the table, remembering the sting. More lube, then a second finger. He adds it slowly, easing it past my rim, then talks to me again with two fingers pressed deep. I know that if the sound was on, I’d hear myself whining, begging for more. My ass sways side to side, then he starts to pump them in and out again.

Fuck. I cross my legs harder. My nipples are poking through my bra and filmy dress. The throb in my pussy is echoed at every pulse point in my body. I am so obviously aroused, I wonder how no one else in the room has noticed. My ass clenches now watching the two fingers fuck in and out. I wish I had something in my ass at the moment to keep me company — it feels so very empty. He pulls the fingers out and squeezes a cheek. I squirm, in the video and in my chair.

My face is hot. My pussy is on fire. I know what comes next. How much longer will the video go on?

He spreads my ass cheeks even wider, then bends over and drags the flat of his tongue over my hole a few times, before the slippery tip circles around my rim.

I bite my lip to keep from groaning. In my lap, my hand presses at my mound.

He licks up and down my crack a few more times, then slides his tongue inside my asshole. Jesus. I watch him fuck me with his tongue, hearing the cries it elicits in my head. The fabric of my bra rubbing on my nipples is too much. My panties are soaked. I need to cum so badly.

He fucks his tongue all the way in, and the video ends. Gulping, I look up. My boss is still droning on. We’re not even halfway through the agenda yet.

His next text pops up. Well? I’m waiting. You’d better be on your way to the washroom.

Heart pounding and avoiding eye-contact, I slip out as quietly as I can and hurry to the single-user washroom. I lock the door, wash my hands, and prop my phone on the counter. This time masturbating for him feels different, dirtier, seeing myself on the screen. I hit record and lean against the wall.

First I grab the neckline of my dress and pull it down, along with my bra, spilling my tits out. I grab a breast and squeeze, pinch my nipple between my fingers. They’ve been aching for attention.

Then I wiggle the skirt of my dress up, pausing there to let him admire my panties for a minute. I rub a finger over the outside of the pretty red fabric, neat bow on the waistband. I pull them tight, watching the way they slide up between my lips. The wetness I’ve left on the fabric is visible on the screen.

When the tease is too much, I push my panties down, eyes locked on my pussy as it appears on the screen. I grab my tits again and massage them. Oh, they so badly want to be sucked on.

Then one hand drops and I slide my finger into my drenched slit. I let out a gasp as it grazes my clit. Since he still hasn’t given me any instructions about how to masturbate, this is going to be fast. I rub again, harder, back and forth over my little nub. It’s so hot watching me touch myself on the screen, tits out and panties down. In no time I am panting, trying to hold back the whimpers, then my lips grab my finger when I cum, shaking and moaning, muscles tightening as the waves sweep over me.

Once they fade, I fall back against the wall again, soft and smiling. I send him the video and clean up, waiting for the reply.

Good girl, he says. So good. I loved watching you cum for me. But next time, I think you need more of a challenge… For now, you’d better get back to your meeting.

I know he won’t tell me, but I ask anyway. What will the challenge be?

I can hear the chuckle in his reply. You’ll see.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








My rule is play but don’t touch me!

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