In a series of recent social media posts, singer Jelena Karleusa — as Us Weeklynotes, otherwise known as the “Gaga of Serbia — called out Kim Kardashian for copying her aesthetic. That’s a glam, pouty, bleached blonde, and skintight monochrome look specifically; very similar to the one Kim’s been showing off all over Paris Fashion Week.
“Lets play a game-FIND ME!,” Karleusa captioned the collage above, and it’s maybe not quite as easy as it first looks; of course, there’s no copyright on a bottle of peroxide and a pile of sheer black separates either. But the likeness really is legit, as further photo comparisons illustrate:

OK not so much this last shot, but diamante panties should always be acknowledged.
Karleusa told Us Weekly she believes the similarity is because “[Kim’s] stylists are inspired by my Instagram page,” though no-one from Kim’s camp has (yet) commented on the allegation. Oh, and just for good measure, Karleusa added that she doesn’t have a stylist herself. She’s not blaming anyone though, adding the hashtag #Illtakeitasacompliment to one photo. Besides, Karleusa Kardashian does have a ring to it, if she’s planning to raise her profile Stateside…

By Cosmopolitan

We especially love her hot pink hair. Click here to get the look

All red glam ensemble - Love It!

We don't think Kim jacked her style or see the similarity but this Slaylebrity is just as fierce

Now that's a look for the books

Let's see the back view

Ok we see the resemblance to Kim here

Is beyonce a copy cat?

Take a look at the comparison photos of the two singers in the gallery and let us know what you think. Is Jelena right on the money or just looking for attention?

Source: Source: Instagram

When your slayness makes everyone faint including you

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