Santorini Vibes- Style inspiration

Santorini Vibes- Style inspiration, Shades of blue and pops of red, this look from slay my look takes inspiration from the picturesque Santorini of Greece.

From washed out denim and cobalt to pastel and Santorini Blue ( yes we totally made that up) but you know the one, that blue that conjures up images of deep blue rooftops that majestically overlook an equally blue sea signifying a beaming beacon of relaxation, and an unequivocal Greek island experience of an island way of life of a by gone era. Coupled with white washed, glistening walls this colour palette simply screams relaxation mood.

Size: S-L

Price: $409.5
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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Hot concierge styling tip

We recommend Già by Slay my hair for this.

If I can’t go to Santorini, I’ll bring Santorini to me

Santorini Vibes- Style inspiration

When you can't get enough of the color palette of Greece

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