The truth is that when we hear an island, in our minds we have summer, sun, sea and endless dives. We decided that we should change this a bit and to visit our favorite Santorini during a period that is not summer, to the first week of January. A very alternative holiday, which will surely be unforgettable and we recommend it unreservedly.
Arriving in Santorini, whether seen from above or from the sea, is enchanted by the uniqueness of the landscape, it is not unjust among the top three tourist destinations in the world. We too felt this magic as we approached the airport runway and at the same time admired the beauties of our homeland.

The weather on the island is relatively good, the temperature in the winter ranges to 10-15 degrees, but humidity is definitely an important issue, especially in accommodation that despite its constant maintenance is affected by it in the winter months. The air is strong enough for a few days, but all this is forgotten by the sight of the caldera.

Traditions on new-year’s day in Santorini

In all Cycladic Islands, on the New Year’s Eve, young people go home from home and sing the carols. With the money they collect they set up a traditional feast in the village square.

Things to do

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Santorini Sightseeing private Tour
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Santorini impressive Caldera private tour
Santorini wine and history private tour
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Santorini Private wine tour
Santorini Historical private tour
Santorini Sunset private tour
Santorini Sunset and wine tasting private tour

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