Rolled Paper Flowers

Rolled Paper Flowers

Welcome to flower week – five days of simple and delightful flower projects. I could probably do three weeks of flowers because there are so many different ways to create them, but I’ve limited it to five of my current favorites.
Before we get started, let me make a few disclaimers:
1. I find inspiration for projects all over the place {online, in shops, in magazines}, then figure out how to re-create them on my own. Each of these projects are my adaptation of something I’ve seen elsewhere.  In other words, I do not take credit for ‘inventing’ these blossoms.
2. Simple, inexpensive projects are my favorite. Each of the flowers this week use just a few low-cost materials and can be created by even the beginning crafter.  I hope you give them a try!
3. My fingernails are a mess. I should probably take calcium supplements or at least get a manicure. Sorry you have to look at them.
Okay, so let’s begin.


Here’s what you need:

:: paper {either cover or text weight}
:: florist wire
:: scissors, pencil, glue gun

By Jones Design Company

The finished look

Rolled Paper Flowers

STEP ONE: cut irregular circle

This circle is approximately 8 inches, but you can do any size you wish.

Step 2: cut spiral

I like a sort of bumpy shape so that the petals end up a bit irregular.

You can draw a spiral if your cutting skills are not great

If you aren’t so sure about your cutting skills, feel free to draw your spiral before cutting. I did this one with a straight edge, but you could make it bumpy as well.

Use different colored paper

To add a little interest to my bouquet, I used a variety of yellow scrapbook papers {my favorite is that yellow dot}

Step 3: Roll your blossom

Start at the outside edge and coil tightly

You should have something like this

Continue rolling until you get to the center. You’ll have a tightly coiled rosette.

Step 4: Release Coil

And your flower grows

Step 5: Glue together

Add a glob of glue to the center and press to adhere the coiled paper

You should have something like this

To make a leaf:

Cut a leaf out of green paper

Fold in an accordion style

Adhere with a Dab of hot glue

To add a wire stem:

Cut a piece of floral wire to desired size {mine are about 6 inches} and bend a small piece at a 90 angle.

Glue wire to the bottom of the flower

Then attach leaf to cover the wire

You should have something like this

When grouped together, you have a very sweet bouquet of wilt-less blossoms

Up close

You can also try with music paper

Aren’t those the cutest paper rosettes?

Start rollin

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