The Rocky Rocket is a children’s interactive chair, painted in red and white checkered pattern. The moon rocket has become an iconic symbol for kids, while parents will recognize it from the adventures of Tintin, kids will relate it to Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”.
This interactive chair features an educational light and sound system to foster curiosity and excitement among kids.
It is built using top-quality materials such as wood, being robust in design and dreamy on the interiors, due to its red velvet upholstered interior.

MATERIALS: Fiberglass, velvet, wood

STANDARD FINISHES: Glossy varnish, velvet flocking technique, gold leaf 

WEIGHT Approx.: 392 Kg | 864 lbs

Width: 200 cm | 78,7″
Depth: 160 cm | 62,9″
Height: 295 cm | 116″

Concierge Price: $58758
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Hot concierge decor tips:

Want the moon rug?

The Moon Rug is the ideal piece for your little astronaut or adventurous kid room. It can be used as his spot of fun and play and also brings a warm decoration to the space.
This printed rug has a tufted cut pile and is made of polyamide.
 Production Lead Time: 6 weeks
Printed Rug, Tufted cut pile, Polyamide.
Diam: 300 cm | 118”

Concierge price: $8894
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Want the moon chair?

The moon chair is a unique furniture piece to decorate your kid’s bedroom design. Made of white lacquered wood, it has a soft velvet interior and it’s finished with exclusive fur fabrics.
The chair design is inspired by the animated fantasy movie Monsters Inc., where colorful fur monsters are supposed to scare little boys and girls but end up being afraid that children may contaminate them. This chair will bring fun and creativity to your children’s world, opening their souls to a new adventure. Production Lead Time: 6 weeks
Width: 70 cm | 28″
Depth: 70 cm | 28″
Height: 160 cm | 63″

Concierge Price: $10,692
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Want the cloud lamp?

This cloud shaped lamp has a cotton-like texture that replicates the fictional feeling of a fluffy cloud.
Inspired by the Pixar short-film “Partly Cloudy”, the design relates to the sense of serenity and peace transmitted by clouds, the same feeling we want to create in the children’s rooms with this realistic Cloud Lamp.
With a sound system and color changing RGB light remotely controlled, this suspension lamp can be used to create a calm atmosphere for the bedtime.

Concierge Price: $7972
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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You my friend are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with star command

To infinity and beyond

You need to believe in yourself

Moon rug

Moon chair

Cloud lamp

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