Warning: Intense awkwardness ahead. Nicki Minaj attended the Met Gala Monday night, along with, you know, pretty much everyone in Hollywood. And, for the record, she looked incredible.

The Met Gala is one of the biggest events in fashion and, as such, its the subject of many a Best Dressed list. Here’s where things get complicated for Nicki: After the Gala, a fan posted an image on Instagram of Nicki’s look and 23 publications that had allegedly included her in their Best Dressed roundups, and Nicki shared the post. Unfortunately, as Refinery29reports, the list was not accurate.

Commenters were quick to fact check the list and point out that it was fake. According to Refinery29, in fact, Nicki didn’t make the Best Dressed list for most of the big outlets listed. Nicki has since deleted the post, but screenshots are still circulating.

To make matters all the more awkward, shortly after Nicki posted her list, Rihanna shared a collage of her own Met Gala praise—with receipts.

By Harper’s Bazaar

Nicki looked Great

Nickys disputed Instagram post

Rihanna throws in a punch

What do you think? Was Rihanna the best dressed?

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