The Richard Mille collection distinguishes itself by having created not one, but several models within a short time span that have become recognized by collectors and insiders alike as ultimate icons of contemporary watch making. And one of the most popular icons must certainly be the RM 010 automatic, whose pure lines and functions have always found resonance with clients everywhere. Never one to sit still, Richard Mille felt that the moment has arrived to present a new iteration destined to become another icon of the future: the RM 67-01 Automatic Extra flat.

Main characteristics

The mechanical aspect of creating a thin automatic has its own set of particular difficulties, but one of the dual challenges is to combine this type of movement design with the creation of a sense of visual depth within the movement – a central tenet to Richard Mille’s approach. The extreme use of skeletonisation in the RM 67-01 carries many clues in this respect, however a new approach to the dial construction carries the eyes from the edges of the bezel in three layers to the central area’s hour and minute hands.

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Tourbillon Diamond Twister

Each spiral ray of the RM 51-02 is perfectly set with a single row of diamonds; the case is set with white diamonds, and black sapphires have been added to accentuate case details. Caliber: RM 51-02; manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes and power reserve; movement dimension: 30.20 mm x 28.60 mm; thickness 4.97 mm; tourbillon diameter:12.30mm; balance wheel diameter 9.12mm

RM 51-02

This fine jewellery tourbillon takes all of its cues from the swirling form of a spiral, a mathematical shape expressed in many organic forms around us in the natural environment. The spray of diamonds emanating outwards in 14 rays from the tourbillon escapement at 6 o’clock can also be associated with the spiralling vortex one perceives in myriad galaxies, including the Milky Way, as well as an allusion to the power of the whirlwind or the spirally formed patterns of organic growth observed among certain sea creatures, plants, trees and animals. Limited edition of 30 pieces.

Black Onyx Baseplate

Onyx is a variety of cryptocrystalline quartz chalcedony composed of silicium dioxide, (SiO2). The fully black type is called Black Onyx, and is said to be able to deflect harmful energy down to the earth, while providing stability. Bridges made in grade 5 titanium These components are in grade 5 titanium with black PVD treatment. This provides the whole assembly great rigidity, as well as precise surface flatness which is essential for the perfect functioning of the gear train.

RM 67-01 extra flat

Pure lines

A watch with character


Unsurpassed elegance

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