This is where art starts, but that’s only the beginning. This is the movement for the liberation of creative expression. This art piece is for everyone, who loves art with cultural context.

This is a Giclee print.
A Giclée print is a high quality by archival inkjet print. The word Giclée (pronounced ‘Jee-Klay’ with a soft J), comes from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”.
We use the latest best-in-class Epson UltraChrome K3 printers, capable of producing print resolutions up to 1440 by 2880 DPI.

Size: 50 x 75
Price: £1704

Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Click here to get it. Alternatively Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

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There is only one road to true human greatness and that is through the school of hard knocks

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