As the sun set over the picturesque skyline of New York City, the vibrant lights of the city flickered to life, giving the bustling streets a magical glow. In the heart of this concrete jungle, the exhilarating nightlife was just beginning to awaken, drawing in individuals seeking the thrill and excitement that only the city could offer.

I was 21 and BDSM was becoming my primary sexual interest. Although at this stage I had only experimented with single males, it was also around this time that I began to get serious about my desire to have sex with girls, too. For some reason, BDSM and swinging don’t often seem to overlap as most people are into one or the other, but rarely both; so when I met Adriana and Victor, who enjoyed both of these lifestyles, I knew I had struck gold. I had to have them take my threesome virginity.
At my age, the fantasy of being with a woman for the first time excited me no end. Adriana was 34. She had long blonde hair and a perfect ass. Her smile was naughty and she was quick-witted. Her partner, Victor, was younger than her in his early thirties, dark, tall, and well-built. He was approachable and friendly. In many ways, they were alike in body and mind, and as a couple, they were very much in love. I was more shy than them, and their gentle dominance was what drew me in. For a long time, Adriana and Victor were my only muse. I would obsess over threesome porn, and we would often flirt, sending each other dirty videos and pictures.
Although it was Victor who first approached me, it was Adriana who made the first move to take things further. At first, we agreed to just meet for a casual drink but we hit it off well and I had lost track of time; I was already late for a friend’s birthday so we agreed to call it a night. They drove me to the club where my friend was celebrating his birthday.
“Bye, sexy,” said Victor as I got out of the car.
Adriana followed me out of the car and grabbed my hand. Feeling her touch my hand with her soft skin was amazing. I turned to her and we kissed; it felt so natural. Her hand slowly made its way upwards and I gently ran my hands up her body, over her chest, feeling her nipples through a bra that had no padding. We quickly turned a friendly kiss into a passionate make-out…

She said should we burst this party and just head back to the hotel?

How could I resist…

I couldn’t help but be drawn in by Adrianas infectious enthusiasm. Her tales of exotic sexual daring escapades ignited a fire within me, stirring up a thirst for adventure that I had long suppressed.

As the night wore on, and we arrived at the hotel the scene got more intimate. The pulsating music and dimly lit ambience created an ideal backdrop for this whirlwind encounter. Our laughter and shared secrets became the soundtrack to a night filled with newfound desires.

I couldn’t help but squeal as he fucked me like a machine and didn’t tire. I came like I never had before, squealing loudly, and felt myself gush. A little at first, then a lot, until I realized that I was squirting all over his cock.

And so our journey began, with all three of us surrendering ourselves to the delicious chaos of the city that never sleeps, striding arm in arm toward a future full of untamed desires and endless possibilities.

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