The theme of this shoot is ‘Black Monarch‘. To convey and embrace the beauty, strength and resilience of the Female African descent which resonates through the queen image that she is. Styling and directing was inspired by royal Fashion from the Aztec Empire, Ancient Egypt, Asia and more.


Photographer: Oye Diran of Arista Imagery | @oye_diran
Model: Destiny Owusu | @ohwawa
Stylist: Olivia Marie | @oliviamarieg
Makeup: Moshoodat | @moshoodat
Designers: Desiree Nicole Constant | @desireenicoleconston
Asia Golden Jewlery | @asiagolden
Alexandra Koumba Designs | @alexandrakoumbadesigns
I Love Muza | @ilovemuza
Ann Claire Millinery | @annclairemillinery

True beauty is the light in your soul

Dont ever let anyone dim your glow

Boys think girls are like books. If the cover doesn't catch their eye they won't bother to read what's inside

Be who you are.

Glow! From the inside out

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