Anastasia, a charismatic and alluring jet set babe, was well-known for her captivating beauty and magnetic charm. Her name echoed in the high-end social circles, where she effortlessly glided through exclusive parties and glamorous events. But beneath her glamorous exterior, she carried secrets that were known only to a chosen few.

One summer evening, Anastasia found herself in the steamiest sexiest situation ever

My run was good, despite the rain. As I enter the house, I call your name.
No answer as I walk through the house, heading for the bathroom. I glance at the clock and realize you would have left for work by now. I shed my wet clothes as I walk, leaving them on the floor throughout the house. Down to my custom bra and pants from slay my lingerie , I open the bathroom door, anticipating a long, hot shower to warm me. I am surprised to find the room filled with steam and to hear the shower running. “Are you…”
My question is cut off by a soft, silk scarf being tied around my head, blindfolding me. I am startled and raise my hands to pull it away when you capture my hands in yours. I feel your lips against my ear as you whisper, “Shhh, how was the run?” followed by your tongue softly probing my ear. I shiver, and my nipples harden immediately, rubbing against my bra. I hear your deep chuckle as your fingers slip inside the material, tracing and pulling, making them harder still. With one motion, you pull the bra over my head. I turn where I think you are and put my hand out, but you are not there. I hear your voice in my other ear as I feel your hands on my hips, pulling my pants down slowly as you whisper, “Looking for me? Just relax, baby,” and another probe with your tongue in my ear sends an electric current through my body. My pussycat contracts as I feel your fingers brush against my clitoral area, lightly teasing.

Suddenly, your hands are gone. I strain to see through the blindfold, but with the heavy steam in the room, it is hopeless. With the shower running, there is no noise or way I can track where you are in the room. I make out the sound of the shower door opening. Your hand on my back moves me forward as you guide me into the shower. Warm water cascades down my body as I turn to where I think you are, but you quickly turn me around, capturing my hands again. You slip another tie around them and hold my hands above me. This is a game I am not familiar with, and the excitement overwhelms me. My breathing is rapid as I feel you secure my hands to the showerhead.
The water courses down the front of my body. You carefully direct the streams of water to my engorged nipples. Standing behind me, your hands cup my breasts and hold them as you offer them to the water gods. Your mouth is on my neck as you lick and bite your way to my shoulder and back again to my ear. You gently suck my earlobe into your mouth as I moan with all the sensations I am experiencing. I can feel my pussycat with each touch of your fingers as you pinch and pull at my nipples. The jet of water is like a million tiny fingers stroking me.
Your hands glide down my body to my hips. I feel you pressing against me from behind. Your cock is hard, and I want to hold it. “I want to touch you,” I say, trying to pull my hands down.

“Not yet. Wait,” you say, close to my ear. You remove your hands for a moment and return them covered with oil. I can smell the lavender scent we both enjoy. I feel your hands on my belly as you start to massage the skin below my belly button, small circles, moving slowly and lower. My body surges again with each touch and stroke of your fingers. You slide your hands back to my breasts, finding my nipples again. You twist and pull with your fingers, slicking with oil.
The sensation again causes an electric surge in my pussycat. I am panting now from want. Your fingers glide back down to my swollen pussycat. You find my clitoral area so hard and red. I moan as you rub a circle around it. “What do you want, baby?” you whisper in my ear, your tongue tracing around and probing softly.
“God, I want to cum. Let me cum.” I manage, breathless now. All my senses are focused on my body and what it is feeling. Each touch, each caress, is intensified by not being able to see. Your mouth on my shoulder, licking, then biting down as I press my ass back against your cock. You shove hard against me. Let me feel what waits for me.
The water directed to my nipples stops as you reach above me to remove the shower head from its clamp on the shower, where my hands remain secured. You hold the head in your hands and direct the flow down my body, just above my pussycat. I am trembling, knowing what you are going to do. “Mmmmm,” I hear you moan as your finger slips inside of me and you direct the warm stream of water onto my clitoral area. Your finger moves slowly and deeply as my clitoris responds to the pressure of the water. I moan as the first orgasm surges through me. Your finger is moving in and out of my slickness as my pussycat tightens and contracts around it.
“Cum for me, baby. I want it all,” you whisper in my ear, rubbing your cock against my ass as your finger probes me deeply, making me gasp again. My head is back against you as I bite my lower lip as another wave of orgasm moves through my body.
“God…” I moan as you move the pulsing water back and forth across my clitoris, and your finger continues to fuck me. Your body supports mine from behind as my legs start to tremble from the effort of standing. Your hands slip up my arms and release me from the tie on the shower post. You place the shower head back in its clamp and turn me to you.

My arms wrap around your neck as your mouth finds mine, kissing me deeply. Your tongue finds mine. Your cock is between us…hard…full…as you rock against me, rubbing the head against my pubic hair. I feel your hands move to my shoulders as you gently push me down to my knees. You pull the blindfold from my eyes. Kneeling in front of you with the water pouring down on us, I take your cock in my hands, stroking. I hold it so the stream of water falls directly on it, and you throb in my hand as you harden more. Cupping your balls, I can feel them full of hot cum. My tongue comes out as I lick the head. I find your little slit, and I taste the first drops of cum. I slowly suck you into my mouth, licking all the water from you and opening my throat as I take you in.

Your hands cup my head as you start to move your hips. The head of your cock pushes against the back of my throat as you fill my mouth. I slide my hands up the back of your thighs to your ass and dig my nails into your cheeks, hearing you moan as you feel my nails. You start to fuck my mouth. Your hands are laced in my hair. “Oh fuck baby,” you say as I use my teeth to lightly scrape your cock as your hard shaft moves back and forth in my mouth. Your full balls hit my chin each time you thrust them into my hot mouth. You move your hands to either side of my face, covering my ears with your hands as you start moving your hips in a short, quick pumping motion.
You are close to exploding in my mouth. I feel the first spasm hit you as hot cum floods my mouth. My throat swallows, and the sensation makes you grunt as you thrust deep, emptying your sweet cream into my waiting mouth. There is so much, I can’t take it all, and some flows out of the corners of my mouth.

I look up to see you watching me take you. Your blue eyes glitter with sexual pleasure, the “just fucked” look I love as I drink your hot, thick cum. I slowly slide you out of my mouth, and you lower yourself to the floor facing me. We sit, our legs wrapped around each other. The water is beginning to cool now as it pours on us. I raise my mouth to you so you can taste yourself on me. Your tongue is tracing my mouth before slipping between my lips. I feel your finger between my pussy lips, slipping inside me as you pull me to you. “Mmmmm…so good,” I whisper against your mouth. “Wanna dance some more?” I ask, and you answer with your fingers…

And so, Anastasia’s name took on a different meaning within the elite circles. It became synonymous with something truly orgasmic!

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Something truly orgasmic…The steamiest sexiest situation ever

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