Look. I’ve said this a million times … never ask why until you ask … oh my god, that is one cute kitty! Hi kitty. Hi booboo kitty! I’mma’ boop your nose! I’mma’ boop your nose! Who’s the cutest kitty?! Hoo is?!
Oh my god that is a cute kitty.†
Where was I? Yes. About presumptuous kitty … I mean question. Presumptuous questions that assume that … such a cute kitty is so cute. So damned cute.‡
He is cute because of symmetry. It’s logical. Your cat’s face size is symmetric with contrasting colors and his (I’m assuming he’s a “he” … could be a “she” EDIT: I read the details; he’s a “he”) pattern is symmetric. Asymmetric patterns are cute too (see below), but there’s something about a symmetric kitty too.
And damn. That’s a cute kitty. Hi booboo kitty!

By Dan Holliday

Allergic to mornings

Damn that is one cute kitty

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