Once upon a time, in Japan, long long ago there lived a greedy man and his greed wife. They never shared anything that they had, and they were always watching for thieves.

One day, while her husband was working in the fields, the woman went to fill a bucket with water from a large rain barrel. The surface of the water was as smooth as glass and as shiny as a mirror. As the woman looked into the barrel of water, she thought she saw another woman looking back at her.

She ran to get her husband and she shouted to him come quickly a woman is trying to steal our water. Why at this very minute she is hiding in our rain barrel. The man hurried over to the barrel and he looked into it just as hard as he could, but he did not see any strange woman hiding there. No, he saw a strange man hiding in the water barrel. The thief was clearly starting back at him from deep inside the barrel.

He called to his wife, “why, we have a pair of thieves trying to steal the water from our barrel. We must stop them at once. Come help me, Hurry! The wife rushed over to the edge of the barrel.

At exactly the same moment, both the man and his wife reached into the barrel, hoping to take the thieves by surprise. They reached in so far that they both tumbled right into that barrel. They grabbed and grabbed to catch those thieves, but all they could find to grab was each other. Only once they had climbed out of the enormous barrel, soaking wet through and through, did they realize that no one had been hiding there. So what do you think they had really seen? Get this fabulous princess look 14 here. Type 14 in the search box

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