The task light is easy on the eyes, and not just because it looks good. Eyestrain and fatigue are reduced when the light color temperature is shifted to match your environment. The FADE intuitive multi-slider control allows the light color to shift easily from warm to cool light (2700K to 5600K) and from dim to bright light (94 – 450 lumens).

Slide. Swivel. Action. A solid iron base, a die cut piece of steel, and some cleverly placed magnets ensure a smooth, flexible, and flawless 120 degree range of vertical motion for the articulated arm, and 270 degrees of rotation in the base.

Concierge Price

Color: Blue or white $954

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at to get it.

This lamp isn't just a lamp

It’s a functional piece of furniture that happens to be beautiful and adjusts to your environment and mood.

Accentuate your mood

Technical specifications

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