Always getting lucky…

We toweled off and got into the big king-size bed, with me in the middle. Russ and Neville both checked their phones, so I did too. And much to my delight there were several texts from Robertha, telling me that she missed me and that she couldn’t wait to see me again.
I wrote back saying how much I missed her too but that I had made a couple of new friends. Well, she of course had met Russ, but not Neville. I never thought I’d find myself surrounded by naked men — passionate naked men — and totally loving it. To be honest, Robertha was the last thing on my mind.
We all put our phones away, me with a great big grin on my face.
“Something good I hope,” Russ said.
“Yes. It was Robertha,” I said.
“I hope she loves the pictures,” Russ said.
“She’s very beautiful,” Neville said.
“Thank you,” I said. “She is a wonderful woman.”
“You’re very lucky,” Russ said.
“Indeed,” Neville said.
“Speaking of lucky,” I said, “I just wanted to thank you for the shower, it was just what I needed.”
“Don’t mention it,” Russ said.
“Mmmm,” Neville said.
“Care for a nightcap?” Russ said.
“I have an idea,” I said, “just lay back, both of you, and I will take it from there.”
I grabbed each of their cocks — Neville in my left hand and Russ in my right — and began the process of stiffening them in my hands, which didn’t take long.
“I want to see which one of you I can make come first,” I said.
“That sounds like a fun game!” Russ said.
“Yes!” Neville said.
“Kneel, facing each other,” I said.
I didn’t let go of my grip on each of their cocks as they did as I instructed. Then I also knelt in between them and bent over, tasting each of them, first Russ and then Neville. I went back and forth, sucking on their cocks feverishly. The hands of my men ran their fingers through my hair as I sucked their cocks.
“Whoever comes first wins a prize,” I said, desperately out of breath.
I jerked them both hard and finally we had a winner as Neville shot a thick stream of cum on my abdomen, followed quickly by Russ. My belly was once again covered in their creamy cum and I was loving it.
“Damn!” Russ said, trying to catch his breath. “I guess I lose.”
“Oh, there really are no winners or losers in this game,” I said. “You just have to wait.”
“Wait?” he asked.
“Yes,” I said. “Turn around, Neville.”

He did as he was asked, and I slid my cock between his ass cheeks, smearing it with my dripping wet cock.
“God, I want it,” Neville said.
I gave it to him. First, I carefully entered his ass but before long I was buried deep inside him, all the way down to my balls.
“Unbelievable,” I panted as I started to work it in and out. “It’s incredible, so tight, oh my cock feels so good!”
“I’m tellin’ ya,” Russ said, “sex with men is the best. Michael…I want you too.”
I knelt behind Russ and inched my way into his tight ass. Fuck, I was in so much ecstasy I couldn’t believe it. We created a heavenly rhythm as I slid it in and out of him.
“Come for us,” Neville said.
“Yes, Oh God,” Russ said.
I pulled out and Neville grabbed my cock, jerking it quickly until I came all over his lover’s back and ass.
“Fuck!” I yelled as he drained me completely.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed making these men cum and fucking them, it was like discovering gold in a dream. I had never thought that I would be so turned on and so satisfied.

I looked at my phone again and there were quite a few messages from Robertha.
How are you sweetheart? they began, followed by a more urgent where are you?
I’m still with some friends, I wrote back. I’ve got your photos. When do you want to meet?
How about in the morning? she replied.
Sure I shot back.
I couldn’t wait to tell her about my encounter with Russ and Neville. I figured why hide it from her? I was so happy, I’d never felt like this.
“Time you got a boyfriend,” Neville said. I just smiled. He was right.
“Time for another shower,” Russ said. I was up for it. So up for it.


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Always getting lucky…

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