On Wednesday 17th February, Paris Hilton announced her engagement with Carter Reum and penned a heartfelt note. Here’s a look at Carter Reum’s net worth details. Read on.

Paris Hilton took to Instagram and broke the big news of her engagement with Carter Reum, co-founder of M13. Carter has been honoured by several entrepreneurial groups such as the 30 Under 30 list, the Inc 500 fastest-growing private companies in America, and many others, reported Medium.

Carter Reum’s fiance, Paris, was overwhelmed by his lovable gesture on her birthday. In her note, she wrote, “When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it. My love & I have been together since our first date, and for my birthday, he arranged a special trip to a tropical paradise. As we walked to dinner along the beach, Carter led us to a cabana adorned with flowers and dropped to one knee. I said yes, yes to forever. There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with.”

Now that Paris and Cater got engaged on the former’s 40th birthday, here’s a look at Carter Reum’s net worth. 

Carter Reum’s net worth
Cheatsheet reported that Reum’s brother once appeared as a guest on the podcast- Built to Sell, and mentioned that they sold VeeV for more than seven times its annual revenue of $10 million. More so, the report added that Reum has a minimum net worth of $35 million. Cater’s Instagram gives a peek into his ventures and activities. In 2018, Courtney Reum and Carter wrote the book titled Shortcut Your Startup to give entrepreneurs a taste of what their years as entrepreneurs and what growing a successful VC firm has taught them.

Paris Hilton’s net worth
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Paris Hilton has a net worth of $300 million. Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. Her income is apprehensive of the retail of her branded clothing, handbags, perfumes and much more. The report added that Paris has endorsed 17 fragrances that have generated over $2 billion in gross revenue. 

He starts off the journey trying very hard to impress by buying a ring that’s worth a substantial chunk of his entire Net worth….. Will it last ?

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The worlds first original Slaylebrity Diva just got engaged, and her ring don’t play!!!

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He starts off the journey trying very hard to impress by buying a ring that’s worth a substantial chunk of his entire Net worth..... Will it last ?

Source: @ParisHilton

We don’t want another Kimye Saga

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That Rock better pay off

Source: @ParisHilton

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