Castles are historical monuments. It is a dream for most to own.

Just imagine absolute quiet away from the eyes of prying eyes. Living the life, that can only be imagined by most. There is no limit to what is possible when you own a castle. The prestige that comes with it, the social clout that comes with it, the business deals that close just because you are the Lord or Lady of a real life manor. Yes the benefits of owning a castle cannot be compared to anything else you could possibly own.

However castle life is not all luxury. It’s freezing during the winter months, often dusty and inhabited by spiders, centipedes and the likes.

Still it will be one of the loveliest places in the world to you and your loved ones.

Your bambinis can explore the tunnels, the attics and Have real life treasure hunting.

Being on your own is also fun, you’ll love all the quiet places you can stumble upon while wandering and wondering about.

Some castles even have their own chapel. Just imagine, the wedding you can throw for your bambinis in future.

Living in a castle is simple the LIFE! The days are bright , easy and happy and the nights are exciting and alive. And no other monument beats a castle when it comes to what will be valued for generations upon generations.

How much will it cost?

Expect $4 -$18 million
Maintenance Expenses
at least $100000 a year


Buy an English title to go with your castle here

Brechin Castle for sale

Source: Saville

Earlshire castle for sale

Source: Saville

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