This oversized venus fly trap headpiece is part of the Carnivorous Plants collection; hats inspired by the hungry plants found all over the world who are nourished by insects and small animals. This hat is inspired by perhaps the most famous of the bunch, the venus fly trap. This plant catches it’s prey with incredibly sensitive hairs on the inside of it’s mouth-like body, when the hairs are triggered the plant snaps closed for hours to digest the insect inside. A truly uniquely shaped hat, it is dramatic and dynamic from every angle.

The body of the venus fly trap is made from multiple pieces of buckram that are then meticulously covered in green silk on the outside and red silk on the inside, like the plant itself. The teeth are encrusted with sparkling jewels made from Swarovski crystals and glass beads hand stitched to create this decadent look. The fascinator sits on the head with a buckram base that is covered in silk and then attached to the oversized plant. It is affixed onto the head with an elastic band.

Price: $4028
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Luxury musings

The Venus fly trap, a devouring organism. Aptly named for the goddess of love

I used innocence in my demeanour like a Venus flytrap

I went to pick you a flower, but it was a Venus flytrap, it bit my head so I killed it and got you this fascinator instead

I think it's going to be one of those fly days

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