The fascinating blend of design and wellbeing is revived in this elegant and geometrically well-conceived Spa, where every element was studied to ensure the utmost comfort and convenience. Its advantage is the simple and quick installation, which – combined to the completeness of the details – makes it an ideal prêt-à-porter solution for those who want to enjoy a feeling of pure relaxation from the very first moment and in any environment. This bath spa which is available in a built-in and above the ground version, stands out for its stainless steel structure, whose sides can all be taken apart to easily access even the smallest of spaces. The entire customization of the coating, the multicolored play of lights and the gentle Air-Massage system complete the experience, recreating a unique splendor for an inviting and timeless feeling of pure relaxation.

A mini stainless steel spa creates an exclusive relaxing spot within any environment, indoors and out, thanks to a unique design, the technologies used and top quality materials. The solutions offered which unite the spas to the innovative stainless steel Ambient covers, are perfectly integrated within any space to add an everlasting value. Making a stainless steel pool means total freedom of design. Every product is unique and created to meet customers’ requirements in terms of shape and size.

The stainless steel’s resistance against corrosion ensures the mechanical durability of the jets and accessories over time, which means less maintenance is required compared to other solutions. Stainless steel is a naturally inert material with regards to the environment and its properties are suitable for its use in mini spas. The smooth surface of the material and the 40° radius of all corners (no sharp edges or corners) prevent the formation of deposits or accumulation areas, thus significantly limiting the proliferation of bacteria and ensuring a very easy and effective cleaning. The appearance of stainless steel doesn’t change over time; the material maintains its natural shine and luster without having to resort to specific actions.

The elasticity and flexibility of stainless steel allow it to withstand the ground adjustments that can occur over time and to meet the safety requirements of earthquake-prone areas. Furthermore, if a heavy object should fall on its structure, there is no risk of breakage, nor any danger with regards to the water tightness of the pool.

A pool, especially an outdoor pool, is subjected to extreme temperature variations caused by the hot to cold seasonal changes or because the pool is being heated. Also, there are moments when the pool is full of water and others when it’s completely empty. For different construction systems, such shocks can cause cracks and deteriorate the surface finishes. However, the stainless steel structure, thanks to the material’s features, does not suffer any trauma or issues related to temperature variations.

The stainless steel tub structure is self-supporting and has an elevated hydraulic resistance. Since the entire perimeter of the structure is reinforced, there is no need to build a supporting wall nor for waterproof sheaths or barriers. For this reason, the mini spas can be installed in special places, such as terraces or raised floors, where the work must be limited and where the lower floors must be totally safe.

This special Spa is made with an infinity edge: the water always remains at the same level and when you enter the tub you live the experience of entering a sea that is exclusively ours. The infinity edge ensures that the water always remains at floor level, for a striking continuity between the elements. A distinctive feature, that denotes exclusivity and uniqueness in the residential sector. The result is a harmonious environment, beautiful to look at and pleasant to experience.

The Air Massage creates a very mild hydro-massage that soothingly tickles the body, pleasantly relaxing it. Like a velvety caress, the air massage evenly relaxes the muscles throughout the body: the sensation is one of physical pleasure, the feeling of stillness is a benefit for the spirit.

The Spa is designed to maximize space and facilitate installation: the compensation tank and the filtration system are in fact designed to be integrated within the perimeter of the tank. This system proves to be an important expedient that facilitates installation (there are in fact no hydro connections to build) and also allows the insertion of the spa in confined spaces (as no additional areas are needed for the technical compartments).

Ease down and relax, lose yourself in comfort: let go of your worries and enjoy a world that is private, protected and where you can feel truly unique. This spa offers the most with the modern minimalist design of the chaise-longue; a solution designed to provide great comfort thanks to the Air Massage System plates installed in correspondence with the seating positions, which guarantee homogeneous distribution throughout the body, creating a gentle and enjoyable massage.

Light up the night with your favorite nuances and let sweet notes embrace you: custom colors and cozy melodies to create the desired atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the light and let the sweetest sounds surround you – masters of a world that belongs only to us: the interior and exterior lighting complete the pleasures of the spa experience as fascinating colors come to life. The Spa also has an exclusive sound system: the spa itself becomes a musical instrument and those who dive in become part of the melody.

The scents tickle your sense of smell, enhancing the pleasure of the senses: the aromatherapy essences make for an even more gratifying feeling of well-being. Breathing the fragrances of nature, creating an environment where everything is pure pleasure: this Spa includes a system of “aromapleasure” – perfumed essences that are released into the tub and then in the air.

Spas are equipped with an interchangeable filter or, for the larger models, a sand filter; they also have an ozonator and automatic pH control. Technology at the service of purity and respect for the skin. Treating the water with ozone, larger organic molecular cells (epidermal cells, etc.) are transformed into smaller molecules thus becoming easily decomposable by the filter.

Heater – bask in warmth

When it’s cold human beings look for heated refuge: this Spa is a cradle of comfort, a unique warmth in which to be reborn. A haven of warm water where you can regenerate: to ensure the proper operating temperature (36° max.) The tubs are equipped with 3kW heaters or, optionally, a 20kW model.

The Energy Saving Cover protects the spa from debris and excessive evaporation in indoor applications. The cover has double insulation to prevent temperature loss and water evaporation. It is the perfect accessory to save in power consumption as compared with spas that come without them.

General parameters

Exterior dimensions (in)
92.25 L x 91 W x 45.25 H
Product weight (lb)
Water capacity (gallons)
Product material
Stainless steel 316L
Installation type
10 year limited warranty on the tub shell

Other parameters

Country where manufactured
Product color
Brushed stainless steel
Drain placement
Assembly required
Interior parameters

Interior length top (in)
Interior width top (in)
Package parameters

Package dimensions (in)
98 L x 96.75 W x 50.5 H
Shipping weight (lb)

Concierge Price: $85,330
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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