‘The Girls’, are a playful look into the inner female – an eclectic mix of soft and romantic pastel tones, girl-power costumed masks, mystery, sweetness and oomph! Having always been told she views life through ‘rose coloured glasses,’ the doe-eyed and pouty mouthed Girls seek to represent The artists’ playful, dreamy and idealistic views on the world.

Experimental paint pouring and intentional mark making act as the foundations of these pieces; while colour selection remains the main attraction. Regardless of subject, repetitious dots and lines layer the work, much like the overlapping of thoughts constantly whirring. The arduous approach to these pieces represent a love of things that take time and effort.

Concierge Prices

Pepper : 56 X 77 $1272
Dreamers: $678.4
Daisy: A4- A2 from $614.8 to $945.4
Floss: A4- A2 from $614.8 to $945.4
Flannel: A4- A2 from $614.8 to $945.4
Sugarbush: A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8
Poppy: A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8
Candytuft: A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8
Chamomile: A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8
Grevillea : 610 x 910mm $2872.6
Mountain Daisy: 510 x 610mm $1865.6
Smoke brush: 510 x 610 mm $1865.6
Box Framing: $945.9
Brain flower: A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8
Wall flower:A4- 50×70 from $614.8 to $1038.8

Contact concierge at sales@slaynetwork.co.uk or Skype slaynetwork to get it.


Oh pepper


How to style


Poppy and candy tuft


Mountain Daisy

Smoke brush

Brain flower

Wall flower

Poppy, floss and sugar bush



Handmade creation in progress

Abstract things

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