We’re all sales people. Like it or not. We’re all trying to convince someone to “buy” something from us. Maybe it’s a pair of shoes or a magazine. Maybe it’s persuading a potential employer into believing that you’re productive or convincing a pretty girl to go for a drink.
If you’ve never sold anything you’d be friendless, homeless, alone and poor.
Selling becomes easy when you have three things: understanding, belief and passion.
Understanding leads to belief. With enough belief and you get passion.

Understanding doesn’t mean that you know every detail of how a product or service is made or how it works. It means that you understand what it does and how it add’s value.
A vacuum cleaner salesman doesn’t need to understand fluid dynamics to understand their product. They need to know that it effectively cleans and sucks.
When you’re selling yourself (for a job, for a date, for a … ) you don’t need to understand how your lungs work or how skin keeps your insides inside. You need to understand what you’re offering to your employer, to your partner, to your potential friend.
Step one to easy selling: understand what it is you’re trying to get someone to buy. If you don’t understand, learn or find something simpler.

Believing comes when you understand the product and still genuinely and sincerely think that it’s something the client should buy.
It’s hard to ask a girl on a date when you wouldn’t date yourself. It’s hard to sell when you think you’re ripping the customer off.
If you don’t believe in your product, improve it or find something else to sell.

Passion is energy. Passion is emotion. Passion is that feeling you have when you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning.
When someone around you is passionate about what they’re selling, it is hard not to become passionate about it too. Passion is contagious. It’s difficult to say no to a passionate salesman.
To be passionate, you need to believe. You need to believe so much that is oozes out of you. You must be so confident that you’re selling something the customer needs that it hurts you when they don’t buy.

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By Craig Rivett

It’s hard to ask a girl on a date when you wouldn’t date yourself.

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