All I do is Commingle lavishly!

You have to be careful. If you push too hard you’ll seem like a perv who just wants to use your wife for porn purposes. And that will not be good, trust me.
My wife didn’t really want to hear about the idea at first. So I contented myself with watching one specific porno with a brunette woman, filmed from the back as she sits astride this hot guy and does her thing.
From this angle, I could completely imagine that it was my wife, not some porn actress.
I would make up this scenario in my head that we met up with this guy at a rented Airbnb — we didn’t want to bring him to our own house. We have two kids!
And I masturbated as they started kissing on the couch. She pulled down his pants and started jerking off his big dick — as I jerked off my own watching the porno. Then she took off her clothes and got on top of him.
When the dick went in my “wife” on the porno, I would really lose it. My brain was convinced it was her, fucking this guy. The porn actress’s ass was pretty much exactly like my wife’s ass. There was no way for my brain to distinguish between the two.
So she started moaning and gyrating. I watched her sweet ass going up and down, and that big dick going in and out. And usually I didn’t make it much further in the porn video, because I would just yell really loudly and cum my head off.
It was fantastic. But I still wanted more, of course. I wanted to ACTUALLY witness my wife doing exactly this. Kissing some guy. Letting him fondle her breasts. Pulling his pants down and jerking him off like that. Then pulling her leggings off and getting on top of him and fucking him cowgirl style.
Oh man. That’s what I wanted.
Then I got a crazy idea — to show my wife the video and tell her the things I was imagining about it.
One lazy afternoon we were just hanging out in bed while the kids were at school. “Hey, look at this,” I said, calling up the video. “I like to imagine that this woman is you and I’m watching you.”

My wife looked at the video.
“Okay…” she said. I wasn’t sure how she was reacting.
“We met this guy and we brought him back to a rented Airbnb so you could cuckold me.”
“Oh, that again…”
We had been through this, see, and I hadn’t gotten anywhere. But I sensed a shift in her. She seemed a little turned on.
“You’re stroking his dick right now as I watch…” I offered, as the porn actress stroked the porn actor’s dick.
“Like this?” she said.
And she started jerking off my dick in exactly the same way that the porn actress was doing it. They were in perfect rhythm together.
Then when the actress stopped to take her leggings off, and got on top of the guy, my wife started moaning a little and touching herself.
“This is the part I really like,” I said, as the woman got on top and started fucking the guy. “You’re fucking another guy and really liking it,” I said. “How does that feel?”
She just moaned. I knew it felt really good.
“Go ahead, fuck the strange guy,” I said.
And she got on top of me. I put the laptop to the side so we could still watch it as she thrust up and down on my cock. As the actress moaned louder, so did my wife. As the actress fucked faster, so did my wife. As the actress bent down to kiss the guy on the mouth as she fucked him, my wife bent down and kissed me hard. I felt a new feeling in that kiss. She had never kissed me like that. She was discovering a real lust. And I liked it.
I liked it a lot.
Then as the guy grabbed the actress’s butt and pulled her down hard on his cock, I did the same. I pulled her down harder than I normally would.
“Yes, just like that,” she said. “More!”
Then she was humping me harder and harder, moaning louder and louder, and as the woman on the video reached an orgasm, so did my wife. And I came hard inside her. It was so delicious.
So now I knew that cuckolding wasn’t just my private pervy fantasy. It was something she could get into too.
Over the next weeks we made it further through the video. As the actress lay down and let the guy fuck her, my wife lay down, and we fucked as we watched it. Vicariously she became that woman, getting fucked by that guy. And vicariously I was there, invisible in the room, watching my wife betray her marriage vows — and loving every microsecond of it.

Then we got to the part where he fucked her hard from behind. He had a nice body, and from this position we could see all the rippling muscles of his abs and pecs, as he entered her from behind. I stood in as a proxy — without any rippling abs, LOL. But it didn’t matter. My wife came and came and came.
And so did I.
After about a month, we had made it through the entire movie. It was starting to lose its luster. We both knew what we needed to do.
“We need to do this in real life,” I said.
“Fuck yeah,” she said.
We found a guy on the internet who said he was an experienced bull. We rented a house on Airbnb. We got a sitter. We got my wife a new sexy outfit. She went to get her hair done. She put on some sexy bright red lipstick and some sweet perfume. The sitter arrived.
“Where are you guys going tonight?” she asked.
“Oh, we’re going out to have some real fun!” my wife said. And the sitter laughed.
“Alright, you guys have a good time,” she said.
Did we have good time?
I can tell you this. The great feeling of watching a porno and imagining it was my wife fucking the guy was nothing. NOTHING compared to watching it happen in real life.
I wasn’t prepared for the powerful feelings, to tell the truth — even after all of that build-up.
When she actually took off her panties and got on top of that guy, and I saw his big dick going inside her, as I watched from exactly the same “camera angle” the porno had been, well, my world was seriously rocked.
I got so fucking turned on that I exploded right away! Before the fucking had really even begun.
I was bummed. But never mind.
It was so mind-blowing to watch her fuck this guy that I got hard again, and again, and again. I came about five times before the guy finally shot his wad all over my wife’s tits.
And I experienced true happiness for the first time in my life.
It was indeed the most pleasurable experience. More pleasure than I thought was possible.
It was delicious and delightful and it sustained me for months and months. Just remembering those images would make lovemaking with my beautiful wife such a miracle and a treasure.

Then, after about five months, she surprised me.
“I’ve got a date this Sunday, Cuck,” she said.
“Yeah, he’s going to meet me in a hotel and fuck me while you watch.”
“You’re kidding?”
“Happy father’s day, honey!” she smiled.
She had gone and planned it all herself to surprise me. What a father’s day present. She got this really chill black dude to come and really take her for a ride.
I thought the first time had been world shaking. This was universe shaking. I was never the same after that.
I went through life ever since I watched that happen knowing that life is a marvelous, marvelous pleasure and that we are very lucky to be having this adventure. I treasure every moment. I know that any day I might come home and I might hear something so amazing and exciting.
Like, “Guess what, Cuck. It’s your lucky night.”
It’s happened about twenty times now. After four years of cucking.
I leave it to my wife.

I don’t want to be some pervy guy pushing her to do something she doesn’t want to do.
She makes the call.
And I just sit back and enjoy.
I mean REALLY enjoy. I am one very lucky man.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








All I do is Commingle lavishly!

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