They say you dream too big, we say they think too small. Go around them, over them or through them, but don’t ever let anyone stop you from seeing your dreams become reality.

It is the quiet mind, the still mind, which brings about transformation. When the mind is no longer resisting, no longer avoiding, no longer discarding or blaming what is but it simply passively aware, then in that passivity of the mind you’ll find if you really go into the problem, that there comes a transformation.

You can “hustle” every day towards your goals in life, your desires, your future wealth. You can hustle till you prove everyone wrong and they ask you for a job or your friendship. Then you can laugh your ass off all the way to the bank and shove it in their faces.

You’ve got one life, and you want to make some noise! You want to be heard, be seen! You can change the world! They’ll notice you and be sorry they ever ignored you!

However Remember the WHY is always more important than the what! Ask yourself this everyday- what do I want and Why? You should always want things for you never because someone else has it, always for YOU, that’s true freedom, that’s true happiness.

If you can Visualize yourself beyond ordinary Click here to prove the haters wrong

You see me winning don't you? Oh yes but sorry your not hired!

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