My fantasy is about to play out in real time.

I Masturbated in a Roomful of Strangers
And I never came so hard

I nervously walked up to the cashier and bought a ticket for what was sure to be an interesting night. Even if I didn’t have a good time, even if I didn’t have an orgasm, at least I would have an interesting story to tell for the rest of my life.
The cashier explained the rules: no leering, no touching without permission. If anyone wants to get together with another participant for more play, there were private booths for that, though they could turn on the camera to have it broadcast on a TV in the main room for everyone else to enjoy.
“Other than that,” she continued, “you can pretty much do whatever you want.”
“Sounds great,” I said, feeling my heart begin to flutter. I’d never engaged in any exhibitionist activities before, and I couldn’t wait to explore this long-time fantasy.
“Do you have on anything underneath your coat? You can leave it here if you want or hang it up in your area.”
“Yes, lingerie,” I said, thinking about how good it looked on me and how much I hoped the men would notice and get inspired by it.
“Do you have toys?”
“I do!” I said, excitedly holding up a bag of my favorite goodies from the sex drawer of my dresser.
“Oh good, you’re prepared!” she said with a laugh. “I assume you brought lube too?”
“I did.”
“Great! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask someone on the floor. We can give you condoms, more lube, and you can even buy a new toy from us if you want.”
“Thank you,” I said, handing her my coat. I admired myself in the black lace that barely covered my body. As I walked up the stairs to the masturbatorium, I felt the wetness between my legs begin to form as the activity in my chest continued to expand.
“Extra lube?” I thought and started giggling softly to myself. “I don’t think I’ll need any lube!”
I opened the heavy black door, anxious to find out exactly what was behind it. Would there be many people in the room? Would anyone I glanced at really get me going between my legs? Would I get the chance to use one of the private booths with someone I just couldn’t resist?
I was surprised by how big the room was and how many people had actually turned up. It was a smorgasbord of horniness, and I couldn’t wait to dive in for a bite of the masturbatory meal.

I felt the wetness between my legs begin to form as the activity in my chest continued to expand.
The floor was covered in large mats where people had enough room to stretch out and pleasure themselves in comfort. There were screens all around the room projecting different adult movies, or people in the private booths who wanted to give us all a show. I became fixated on one screen in particular that showed a couple masturbating each other with big smiles flashing across their faces.
Something about them made me laugh…and relax. I grabbed the pillow on my mat and got into a comfortable position with my back pressed against the floor, knees up, and legs spread into a V-shape. I rummaged through my bag to decide which toy to use first. As horny as I was, I wanted to get the most out of the experience and not come too quickly — though I knew holding out would be difficult when my eyes got a sample of all the men pleasuring themselves, as if in their own little universe without a care in the world.
To take it slow and steady to win the orgasm race, I simply began by rubbing myself over my lingerie, feeling the juices begin to seep through the lace and onto my fingers. My hand traveled up and down at a snail’s pace, and I closed my eyes to ponder how I could make this feeling last as long as possible. I smiled thinking about how amazing it would be to have the staying power to keep going until the end of the event.
“Hey!” a voice above me said enthusiastically, breaking my concentration immediately.
I opened my eyes, wondering if it was one of the hosts coming around to find out if I needed anything.
“Is this your first time here?”
“Me too,” the handsome man said, wearing nothing but a smile and an erection that pointed toward the ceiling. “I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are, and I was wondering if it’s okay to stand here and watch you for a while.”
I couldn’t help but notice how big his muscles were, not to mention his cock.
“Sure, you can watch,” I said, feeling good that even though I’d barely gotten started, I already had an audience hungry to watch me diddle myself.
“Thank you,” he responded casually, as if he’d merely asked me to pass the salt.
I considered grabbing someone for a private performance inside of a booth, but I was enjoying having an audience too much for that.
“As you can see, I find you really inspiring,” he said with a smile, looking toward his crotch.
“Good,” I said, closing my eyes and enjoying the feeling of his eyes fixated on my body. I tried not to focus on him stroking the length of his long, thick erection so I wouldn’t get too excited, so I wouldn’t get ahead of myself. I wanted to take it slow, and now that I had an audience, I definitely wanted to give him the best show I could.
I spread my legs a little bit wider, making sure he enjoyed the view, and got back to the business of running my fingers slowly up and down my skimpy lace panties. They were already thoroughly soaked from my pussy juices, making my fingers more sticky and slippery by the second. I enjoyed the feeling of the lace against my clit as I rubbed her slowly and heated her up. And during that time of making her happy, it seemed my audience had grown.
“Did you ask for permission to watch her?”
“Yes, I did.”
I opened my eyes to find Jared, one of the masters of masturbation ceremonies, above me, as my happy audience stood by his side, slowly running his fingers up and down his cock, eyes still fixated on my crotch.
“Miss, you don’t mind him watching you, do you?”
“No, not at all,” I told him without missing a masturbatory beat.
“Okay, good. We want everyone to feel comfortable.”
“I’m fine. Thank you for asking.”

“Well, in that case, do you mind if I watch too?” Jared asked coyly. I couldn’t help but feel flattered — out of all the people in the room masturbating, out of all the events they’d had, he wanted to go out of his way to watch me? How could I resist?
“Of course!” I said enthusiastically, thinking about the next part of the show I’d give my audience of two.
I looked in my bag of goodies and grabbed my favorite sex toy, a bullet vibrator. I pulled off my soaked panties and placed them next to me on the mat. I looked up at my audience and they seemed excited for what I was going to do. I spread my legs a little wider and felt my pussy tingle as I admired the looks on their faces. I’d never masturbated in front of anyone before, not even a lover, and although I was anxious, their reaction let me know they approved of my performance.
I closed my eyes again and began rubbing my slit with the vibrator, keeping it on the lowest setting. I moved it up and down slowly, enjoying the slight, steady buzz against my wetness. I started swaying my hips from side to side, hoping the men enjoyed what they saw as much as I enjoyed feeling it.
“May I borrow those?” a third voice asked out of nowhere. I opened my eyes to find a man with a raging erection pointing in my direction, as his index finger pointed at the wet panties beside me.

All those eyes burned with lust that ignited my own fire between my legs.
“Sure…I guess,” I giggled, wondering what he planned to do with them.
“Thank you,” he said as he bent down next to me and grabbed the wet lace. “I have a panty fetish…just the sight of lace panties gets me so hard.”
I smiled and continued my show. The third man smiled back as he rubbed my panties up and down his hard on, moaning as soon as he felt them pressed against his flesh.
And with that bit of sexual inspiration, I turned up the power of my bullet vibrator and rubbed my clit back and forth, up and down, with a bit more force. I stared at the man as he worked his cock with my panties, wondering how much he enjoyed how wet I’d made them.
I closed my eyes yet again, thinking about how hard my nipples had become…and how neglected they were feeling. I imagined one of the men taking them into his mouth and giving them the attention they craved. I considered grabbing someone for a private performance inside of a booth, but I was enjoying having an audience too much for that.
And that audience only got bigger. Before I knew it, there were more and more voices around me, asking for permission to watch. I had to admire how polite they all were — they really took the rules of the event to heart. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a crowd of men, all jerking off above me and making me feel like the sexiest woman in the entire world.
The excitement had built up enough, so I knew it was time to get to the main course — my favorite rabbit vibrator. I moved the bullet away from my slit and could hear the audible disappointment from my audience. I opened my eyes again and saw some of them looking intently at me, as if begging me not to stop my show.
Of course, there was no way I was going to stop — especially since my growing audience had now wrapped around both sides of the mat, and all those eyes burned with lust that ignited my own fire between my legs. As I held up the bullet, I reassured them by quickly rubbing it over one nipple, allowing her to get soaked in the juices my wet box left behind. The vibrations ran through me from head to toe, increasing the itch between my legs that I was finally going to really scratch.
I grabbed my trusted rabbit and plunged it inside forcefully, not even bothering to turn it on first. My audience groaned with delight as I thrust my hips and shoved the toy in and out, pushing it deeper inside with each motion. I shivered with every thrust, especially when the ears tickled my hot, wet clit and gave her the pleasure she’d been missing.

I rested my bullet against my nipple with one hand, making it get harder, and plunged the rabbit in and out of my pussy with the other. When I couldn’t work both toys the way I wanted to, an offer of assistance quickly came.
“May I help with that?” a member of my audience asked when the small vibrator slid off my nipple and onto the mat. I nodded and watched him crouch down next to me, take the toy in one hand and begin to diligently rub my nipple as he rubbed the length of his erection with the other hand.
I got in some last thrusts before my whole body began shaking.
I enjoyed the feeling of the vibrator pulsating against one nipple and then the other. The man went back and forth, up and down, and played with the speed to keep me on my toes. Now that my hands were free to deal with the action downstairs, I turned on the rabbit and plunged it back inside of me, spreading my legs as wide as I could to make sure everyone saw my every move. I pounded the toy inside my pussy furiously and gyrated my hips with the rhythm of the vibrations. With each thrust, my clit was tickled by the vibrating ears, which inched me closer and closer to explosion.
And the man playing with my nipples wanted to make sure he helped get me there, while still beating his meat in his palm. He smiled and made another request that I could not begin to refuse: “They look so yummy, is it okay if I suck them?”
I nodded and quickly felt his wet mouth pull a nipple inside and begin to suck forcefully. I soon heard another voice on the opposite side asking if he could join the fun. I nodded and within a second, a mouth was pressed against my other nipple. Two different mouths delivered two different modes of pleasure: one sucked hard, one delivered little nibbles, and both moved me closer and closer to the edge.

Still, I needed more. “Can someone please suck my clit for me?” I asked, and had barely gotten the words out of my mouth before someone had wrapped his lips around my bud and sucked. And with that, there was no prolonging the pleasure on the horizon. I turned my vibrator to the highest setting, moving my hips up and down against it as the three men delighted me with each suck and bite and flick of the tongue.
I shivered as my walls methodically contracted around the vibrator. I started to feel droplets fall on different areas of my body, as one by one, each of the men in my audience began to come. That was the final straw; my pussy was out of control and could not contain itself for one second more. I cried out as my three little helpers bit me and sucked me, and I got in some last thrusts before my whole body began shaking from the waves of orgasm passing through it.
I continued trembling uncontrollably and my walls continued clapping around the hard, buzzing silicone faster and faster. After this extended bit of release, my body went limp and I felt more and more sprinkles of come all over me, accompanied by a chorus of moans and groans of abject pleasure.
I curled up into a ball, still feeling my body jolt from head to toe. I heard thunderous applause above me from my happy, satisfied audience. I stayed in that position for several minutes, wondering how I could possibly top that exhibition during the next event.
“I heard you had a great time!” the cashier said as she handed me my coat. “I hope you’ll come to the next event we have.”
“Oh, I definitely plan to come…and come and come and come,” I said with a smile.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








My fantasy is about to play out in real time.

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