I’m Ralph. I’ve been a teacher for about a year. At 23, I’m the youngest teacher on the staff. Which is probably why the interns gravitate towards me. I don’t think I’m the most popular guy naturally, but I sure like the attention. I’m a very lucky guy. I’m banging one heck of a milf, Janice. She’s not my girlfriend, but kind of a friends-with-benefits situation. She’s also brought me another FWB, Shay, the tennis coach, who’s smoking hot and a few years older than me.
But this is a story about someone a few years younger than me, 19-year-old Rachel, one of the interns. She was in her first year of teachers’ college, an art major. The first years have a ball at the end of their exams, which were nearly finished when Rachel came into my classroom really early one morning before school. She stood there sheepishly, asking if she could speak to me. She seemed almost more shy than me. Eventually she worked up the courage and invited me to be her date at the ball. She was slim, had a small chest and firm ass. She absolutely killed skinny jeans which she wore often. Other than the ass she dressed pretty plain, practical rather than stylish.
Rachel had striking dark hair, one shade towards brown from black. And her eyes were the same, so dark they were almost black. Mysterious, sultry. But I could never tell if she was into me.
She’d always been friendly towards me, but never flirty. I’d never flirted with her as she didn’t seem like she’d be interested. Another week went by with no real contact between us, except to arrange what time I’d pick her up. This felt like carpool more than a date.

I go to pick her up, and spend the first half an hour of the date sitting in the living room with her dad while her mom is rushing around in the background. Turns out they’re quite a religious family; her dad isn’t asking me any direct questions about her, he seems more interested in my career like I’m a potential son-in-law. I think it’s a character test. Finally Rachel comes into the living room. Fuck. Me. Dead. She’s wearing a burgundy evening dress that makes my cock shift in my pants. I know her dad’s watching for my reaction. I act as respectful as I can. The dress has a solid front but with slits under the arms, kind of like a tulip. She’s moving quite stiffly, trying not to show too much of the huge slit in the skirt. She’s carrying a shawl which she hides it with.
Finally I get her out of the house and into my car. I tell her as soon as we’re moving, “ I said you look gorgeous when you came into the room in that dress. I lied. Not gorgeous, but jaw-dropping, you make me lose my mind, stunning, I can’t take my eyes off you.” I hope I’m not being too familiar, but she seems pleased. In fact, she starts fumbling with the dress, and loosens a strap and pulls it a few inches lower. “Now how am I supposed to concentrate on the road,” I plead as I have the choice between not crashing and staring at her sideboob magic. She grins.
When we get to the ball at the college art gallery, she sits on the other side of me, so now I see her leg as the slit is on my side. Throughout the evening she flirts like there’s no tomorrow and I’m the last man on earth. There’s dancing later on and on the dancefloor she grinds against my crotch shamelessly. My erection is bulging and I can’t wait to get it out of my pants. I’m sure the people around us can see the bulge in my trousers, but nobody seems to care, they’re all engrossed in each other, making out on the dancefloor. At one point the lights go really dim for a slower song, we’re slowdancing and I hold her close, I can feel her tits digging into my chest, can feel her breath on my neck.
She looks up at me and our mouths hover, neither of us knowing if the other wants to make out. I tilt my head slightly to see if she reciprocates. She does. Our lips rest on each other, her cool breath coming out in gasps as I part my lips slightly. It feels like hours pass. The tip of her tongue swipes right to left across my lips. My tongue lashes full into her mouth and we’re locked in an embrace.
When the song ends, she clearly wants to play more, she leads me off the dancefloor outside into the dark. There are a bunch of other couples making out in the shadows; she leads me around behind the building and opens a service entrance into a wing of the gallery that’s supposed to be closed. The lights are off. She runs ahead of me, a teasing look on her face in the dim passageway. I follow her upstairs and I catch her hips firmly in my fingers a minute later, under a big window behind the plinth where a statue is supposed to stand. The only light is the dim moonlight coming through the window.
I tell her she’s beautiful. That she could be a statue in the gallery. We kiss, her leaning with her back to the plinth, about waist high. We kiss more, my hands cup her hips and I squeeze her butt. Her hands slide into my pants, hot fingers scratch playfully at my buttocks. I lift her up, placing her butt onto the plinth, getting a glimpse of her incredible lingerie as she pulls her legs up. I’m such a sucker for pussy mound. Guessing at the pussy under pink panties with tiny black polka dots drives me mad. She stands up on the plinth, smiles down at me in mock shyness, and slips the shoulders straps off, folds the front down. Her tits are so perky, nipples pointing up to the moon, her smiling down at me as the gown crumples around her ankles.
I feel like a sculptor as I run my hands slowly up her calves, feeling the smoothness of her skin. Up her thighs. My fingertips just touching the mound in her panties. I look up at her and she licks her lips. I strip off my clothes and climb up onto the pedestal. She’s kicked off her shoes and laid her dress one side. She lies down on her back.
“Let’s try make some more interesting statues,” she says.
“The beast with two backs?” I ask as I kneel between her legs. She lifts her legs up, resting her ankles on my shoulders, and slides her panties up. Then she hooks them behind my head, panties still around ankles, me trapped by them. I lean forward and work my way over her body. I tongue her navel, work my way up to her tits where I gently start sucking on them. My hands fondle gently. She grabs her hands over mine and squeezes.
“Hard,” she says. She bites her lip. So I dig in my fingers, squeezing hard. She moans in pleasure. I still think I must be hurting her but she says, ‘Harder,” so I pull on her nipples, then bite them. She has one hand behind her head, the other reaches down and she starts rubbing her clit. I keep licking and sucking and biting on her tits and neck, putting hickies all over her. I even lick her underarms on my way up to her face, where I nibble on her earlobes and bite her lips while she cums from rubbing her clit.
When she’s ready to move on, I start to worry if this crazy chick is going to hurt my balls, she seems very… proactive. But she fondles my cock and balls more gently while she turns over. So it’s going to be doggy style. I line up to fuck her but she says she wants me to go down on her. She leans down, hips in the air, shoulders and face leaving marks on the pedestal. I go down on her and lick to my heart’s content. I bring up a finger, but she pulls it away.
“My pussy’s out of bounds,” she says. I have a mini heart attack, wondering if she’s just cock teasing me, but anyway I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done. She clearly knows what she wants. “Your tongue can go everywhere, but your cock can only go in the back door. I’m religious, you see, and I can only get married off to a rich man in my community if I’m a virgin.” I smile as I have a mental image of a wedding night scene, some guy thinking she’s never even seen a cock hard before.
So I slide my tongue around her pussy in bigger and bigger circles, over her perineum, and then after she’s been squirming around and wondering if I’m going to her ass or not, I rim her. One of my favorite things is the moment a girl’s whole body tenses when my tongue first touches the folds of her asshole. She’s known it was coming for at least 10 minutes, but when it does she still gasps and quivers, one hand comes back to her clit and she rubs hard, dripping. My tongue presses harder and harder into her ass as I spread her cheeks roughly apart, even in the moonlight I can see the red streaks my fingers are leaving on her cute little butt cheeks. Eventually she spits in her hand and rubs it on the tip of my cock, signaling she’s ready.
I kneel behind her, lined up, and take a moment to take in the scene. A modern art statue in the moonlight in an abandoned art gallery, clothes strewn around. I think to myself if there was a camera around this would make one of the best pornos ever. But time to just live in the moment. I pull her hips back slowly, as I feel the head of my cock start stretching her hole open. She’s relaxed, clearly she knows what she’s doing. I have a decent sized cock, but she takes it like a champ. Slowly I slide the head in, savoring the stretching feeling of her tight hole pulling my skin back. I slide all the way in, slowly. Then most of the way out, same speed. Then I pull back on the skin on my dick to get the head really exposed again as I give her another slow full thrust, and back to the starting position again. With the head of my cock hovering just inside her ass, I Instinctively spank her hard as I give her a couple of hard fast thrusts. She’s still rubbing her clit with her fingertips. I get onto my feet and I reach down and hold her tits and feel them wobble as I thrust, she moans with pleasure.
After a while she lowers her hips a bit and I get back onto my knees to fuck her, slower now. She brings her other hand up and starts squeezing my balls as the other hand rubs her clit. She gives herself another shaking orgasm, and she squirts as I thrust. Her baby finger prods my asshole as I pound hers, and then she slaps my balls and I cum deep inside her, collapsing on top of her, flattening her on the plinth. We breathe heavily in the moonlight.
A few days later I glimpse her bra, it’s the one that matches the pink and black polka dot panties. She says she has something to show me. She went back the day after the ball and took a picture of the plinth before cleaning it. She’s making it into a painting. Face prints, breasts, belly print, lines of fluids, scratch and swipe marks. She wants to know if I’m up for getting naked, getting covered in paint and fucking her ass on a canvas.
I would never have guessed how horny and unhinged this shy, conservative girl could be!

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