I’m actually quite generous in all things I actually prefer to share

Suddenly, a Threesome!
I have no problem sharing my men, as long as my best friend is game!

Ronald called me to say he was coming over in an hour. It’s been months since the last time I saw him, the last time we had fun together. He had been out of town, doing whatever, and I’d thought it would take forever before I heard from him again. It was a surprise to get a call from him, saying he’d recently arrived in town and would be around longer than expected. He told me that he was on his way over to my place. I was glad he remembered where I lived and told him I would be waiting. I ended the call and went to shower.
My phone rang again after I’d showered and was busy drying myself. My best friend, Sheryl, told me she was outside my front door. I told her to give me a minute, and I quickly went downstairs to let her inside. Sheryl followed me upstairs to my bedroom.
“I thought you were someone else calling,” I said after shutting the door.
“No, I’m not. You expecting company, Monique?”

“I sure am,” I said. “And he’s likely on his way here already.”
Sheryl’s eyes lit up when I said that. “Hmmm, a man, eh? Who could the mystery date be? Someone I know?”
I laughed while I searched my closet for what to wear. “To think you know every man I’ve ever dated.”
“Only the ones you’ve told me about,” Sheryl replied. “But I’m curious about the ones you’ve never mentioned. Best friends should know each other’s secrets. So, come on, out with it, Monique. Who’s the lucky guy? Someone from your past or someone new?”
Sheryl and I have known each other since college. We have shared plenty of fun times. Even when we stopped hanging out and went our separate paths, we kept in touch, knowing we would meet and continue from where we left off. Sheryl is a femme-shark like me. Both single, horny, and ready to mingle at the drop of a hat. Sheryl has her set of men who give her plenty of sexual satisfaction whenever she wants, as I have mine. Keeping abreast of each other’s conquests is an excellent means to sharpen our dating skills.

“He’s an oldie,” I said while I put on my tank top. “But he’s ever such a goodie.”
“Someone I’ve met before?”
“No, but you’re likely to if you stick around. Unless you’ve got someplace else you’d want to be.”
“And here I thought I would get bored coming all this way. You want me to stick around or leave you alone?”
“Usually, I’d want you to scat. But since you’re here, the least you can do is see for yourself.”
I put on a pair of jean shorts and was admiring my look in the mirror when I heard my doorbell ring.
“That’s likely him,” I said and chuckled as I left the room.
I raced down the stairs, opened the door, and welcomed my long-time lover into my arms. We shared a kiss before I invited him into my home.
“I thought you’d be looking different,” Roland remarked as I sat him in the living room. “You haven’t aged one bit, Monique.”
“Stop it, will you, Ron. It’s not like we haven’t seen each other in too long.”
“How long do you reckon it’s been?”
I thought for a moment. “Give or take, four months. You’ve been keeping busy away from me.”
“Sorry, babe. Got to work and make me some Benjamins, or else. But I’m going to be around for a while. You and I can jumpstart where we left off.”
“Where are you putting up?”

“In an Airbnb near the airport. We can go there if you aren’t busy.”
I left where I was sitting and came to settle beside him. I laid my hand on his thigh, wanting to get my point across the best way I could.
“You know, we don’t have to head over to where you’re putting up,” I cooed as I continued caressing his crotch region. “We can start from where we left off right now.”
I didn’t hesitate to move on him after saying that. I drew closer and kissed him; Ron didn’t hold back his response. We kissed passionately as we began fondling and caressing each other, looking like we were locked in a tussle. I leapt over and straddled Ron, grinding my butt against his crotch, feeling his hands grope and squeeze my body while I locked arms around his shoulders and didn’t stop kissing him.
I heard footsteps, and we both stopped, and Ron looked behind me at where the noise was coming from. I already knew who it was before I turned to look over my shoulder at my friend, Sheryl, who’d chosen that moment to come down the stairs and join us.
Sheryl stood by the foot of the stairs smiling at us; she had discarded her clothes and stood there in a garter belt and panties.
“I hope you both won’t mind me cutting in,” she asked pleasantly, as she knew I wasn’t going to deny her inclusion.
“You’re here, so you sure can join us,” I said while sliding off Ron. “Ron, this here is Sheryl, my bestie. Sheryl, this is my old friend, Ron. I hope you won’t mind getting to know each other?”

Sheryl approached the sofa and shook hands with Ron, who seemed charmed by my friend’s appearance.
“It’s been a long time since I enjoyed quality time with two pleasant ladies,” said Ron.
“Well, we promise to make it worth your while,” I said. “Won’t we, Sheryl?”
“That’s what best friends are for,” Sheryl replied. “I’m always in the mood for a jolly threesome with Monique.”
I would suck his cock while Sheryl caressed his thighs and dug underneath to suck on his balls, and then later, we exchanged.
Sheryl inched closer, and she and Ron kissed while I worked on undoing his belt buckle and then unbuttoning his jeans. Sheryl helped Ron out of his shirt while I was wiggling his jeans down his waist; he had an apparent bulge under his briefs. I pushed his briefs down his thighs and was rewarded by his semi-hard prick extending towards my face. His cock was as impressive as the last time I held it. I got busy sucking his cock while Sheryl undid her bra and then proffered her tits to Ron’s face. Ron got to sucking a mouthful of tits while Sheryl moaned, urging him to take more.
I came off the sofa to kneel before him, helped him out of his shoes first, and then worked his jeans and briefs off his legs. Sheryl knelt beside him, and she then got to sucking his cock while I attended to his nuts. Sheryl slid off the sofa to kneel beside me and, like the tight-sharing friends that we were, we began passing Ron’s cock back and forth. I would suck his cock while Sheryl caressed his thighs and dug underneath to suck on his balls, and then later, we exchanged. Ron loved every minute of it, judging by the way he laid back and moaned responsively to the pleasure we gave him.
The time came when we needed to decide who got to enjoy his cock first. I opted that Sheryl should have him first, as she hadn’t yet experienced Ron.
Sheryl stood up, and Ron adjusted himself on the sofa as Sheryl came forward and straddled him. Ron worked his cock between her legs, but I took charge of his organ and helped guide him into my friend’s pussy. Sheryl moaned her approval once his cock slipped past her labia and began working her pelvis. I held her ass cheeks apart to watch her pussy absorb Ron’s girth. It looked like she was sitting on a thick black pipe.
Ron’s cock felt so fucking good inside me that I could barely breathe from the stern method he adopted while ploughing my pussy.
“Damn, that pussy feels tight,” Ron remarked.

Sheryl laughed as she leaned forward over him. Ron sucked her tits while caressing her back as she continued rocking against him. His hands grasped her ass cheeks, and he slapped each one as Sheryl took up more vigour to ride him harder. I watched her pussy start to cream on his dick as she continued riding him, whimpering aloud. I pressed my face between her buttocks, wanting to taste Ron’s cream-coated cock. The odour coming from both of them was arousing.
Ron later got Sheryl off him, made her lie on the sofa, and then got me to come and eat her pussy while kneeling before her. It’s a good thing my sofa was long enough to accommodate us. Ron positioned himself behind me, and I tensed my butt as he rubbed the tip of his prick against my vagina. I steeled myself for the inevitable while still lapping on Sheryl’s cunt as Ron shoved his cock inside me. I took a moment to utter a throaty gasp, loving the incredible lust that suddenly enveloped me as he began fucking me.

Sheryl caressed my head, chuckling and moaning her pleasure while I was enjoying mine. It was a struggle slurping on my friend’s cunt while getting hammered from behind. Ron’s cock felt so fucking good inside me that I could barely breathe from the stern method he adopted while ploughing my pussy. I felt his hands squeezing my ass cheeks and could hear his grunting exertions as he applied more pressure to his thrusts. I even felt droplets of sweat hit my buttocks, and still, I didn’t want him to stop.
He did stop, eventually, and took a moment to regain his energy while Sheryl and I came to apply ourselves to sucking his cock once again.
The sofa wasn’t comfortable for us, so I suggested we take things to my bedroom upstairs. Ron walked in our midst, caressing our butts with both hands while Sheryl and I shared a deep kiss, leading him up the stairs to continue from where we had stopped.
It was going to be a long day. The good thing was that neither of us cared, as we had nothing to do besides fuck. Ron wasn’t in a hurry to leave, either. What better way to enjoy the day than having a male friend around.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I’m actually quite generous in all things I actually prefer to share

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