Non-Surgical Lifting Treatment Set.

For centuries, mankind has been devising ways to improve upon beauty to extend the benefits of youth and suspend the evidence of time. Recent efforts to do this have focused on cosmetic surgery, injections, laser treatments, implants, and other medical procedures.

But for those who want to avoid “the knife” of expensive treatments. Slay beauty bring you the ultimate non-surgical lifting solution to your hands in a professional set that will turn your skin clock back in time. This set was only available in professional salons, and now it is brought to you in your home.

Years of studies were focused on revealing to you the fountain of youth in an unexpected source “pearl.” Yes, pearls have been used from centuries by a lot of cultures and royal families in their skin regimen. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was known to use pearl in her beauty regimen. The royal children of the pre-colonial Philippines were fed pearl powder to keep their skin bright, clear, and firm. Similar pearls were used throughout Europe, India, and South Asia among royal and wealthy families for its anti-aging beauty and healthy and adaptogenic benefits.
Pearl powder contains antioxidant properties that boost the efficacy of superoxide dismutase. One of the strongest antioxidant enzymes in the body it also contains signal proteins that stimulate the regeneration of the collagen, reduce skin discoloration, redness, scars, and age blemishes and sagging. It also has whitening effects which can help reduce the appearance of age or sun spots and even out skin tone making your skin look brighter and more vibrant.
Slay beauty dug deeper and deeper and was not satisfied by giving you the foundation of youth. We wanted to provide you with the wellness of youth too, that’s why we add to this professional set very magical natural ingredients that deliver a lot of benefits to your skin which is “Cactus.” It contains skin-softening vitamins E and K. It also contains a good amount of skin hydrating and nourishing fatty acids. These prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines making prickly pear oil an excellent anti-aging agent, its rich with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties which brighten skin tone, reduce dark circles and hydrated dull, dry skin.
Also, we worked on substituting the loss of the natural ceramides in your skin that is usually 50% of your epidermis and is responsible for locking moisture into your skin and preventing dryness and irritation as well as protects your epidermis from environmental damage. Adding ceramides with our other skin care ingredients will rejuvenate and moisturize the skin, and help it gain more elasticity because we want to give you the best of the bests in this set. We didn’t stop here; we added a very effective peptide which has been proven to help in defying wrinkle and reverse the signs of aging.
Naturally, our skin has collagen that when it breaks down into molecules in the format of peptides but when our skin does not produce enough collagen, we try to play a trick by applying peptides to your skin surface. We send message to your skin that it has lost collagen and needs to generate more, which results in making the skin more firm and plump.
It’s an alternative to Botox; it relaxes the tiny muscles under your skin and makes it longer to give you firmer youthful skin.
Slay beauty likes to mix pearls with a very efficient ingredient for the skin -“Aloe Vera,” which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and rich in vitamin A and C. It treats acne and helps exfoliate the skin to make it smoother and moist, the plethora and beta carotene, vitamin C and E in Aloe Vera improve the skin’s natural firmness and keeps the skin hydrated, and it lightens blemishes and takes years off your face.

It reduces the size and speeds up cell reproduction and reduces redness and stretch marks.

Having all these luxurious, efficient skin ingredients in one set, you know that you are going to get an instant glowing lifting result that will turn your skin to baby skin and stay effective for months. That’s why using this treatment once a month will give you very satisfying result. Also, the set will includes a gift from us; our 24k Gold and Caviar 2 in 1 anti-aging neck and décolleté treatment to carry out the youthful glow beyond your face.

South Sea Pearl dost; matrixyl, hexapeptides, cactus extract, aloe plant, vitamin E, H, A Collagen protein peptide, amino acid, ceramide, essences, dl water, HA oats peptide, enzymes.
Gold and Caviar 2 in 1 Anti-aging Neck & Décolletage Treatment serum.

We’ve all heard the warning from generations past; Don’t forget your neck and décolleté’! We’ve further all seen the evidence of a beautifully preserved face only to glance down and view the aging, sun-damaged décolleté’.
No matter how committed you are to complexion care, there’s one significant area we all seem to neglect the neck and décolletage. This delicate area from the chin to the chest is one of the first places in your body to reveal signs of aging and perhaps the most noticeable because the skin in this area is sensitive and thin.
Slay beauty 24k 2 in 1 Caviar and Gold hydro-boosting daily treatment serum is the all-natural key to beaming. Magnificently potent while remarkably silky it absorbs almost immediately while instantaneously reinvigorating the complexion and drastically reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles. This Caviar Gold rejuvenating serum helps to stimulate skin regeneration, boost collagen production and prevent the onset of deep wrinkles and expression lines; its rich texture is perfect for normal and dry skin types.

This Caviar enriched serum builds a layer of protection while hydrating your skin creating a younger and healthier look while compacting harsh irritants throughout the day. The unique combination of the Luxurious Black Caviar (black gold) and the Nano 24K Italian Gold bio-stimulators, vitamins, micro-elements, and amino acids assure easy, effective care for your face.

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