Your attention please! No one is coming to save you . This life of yours is 100% your responsibility. What you got and can count on your fingers can give you a cushion, a bank account, a security against universal losses. Nobody has to know the hollow spaces you shock yourself by living through. But whatever you do, don’t stay still, you’ll get stuck. And That will unravel you.

The pain of the loss, the true loss of youth, the change of life, THE CHANGE, the terrible sure feeling of being shunted out of the everyday progress of living, the move from a player on the stage to a member of the audience—until finally, the fear that crept and inched into your mind, then your soul, that your life had amounted to too little. Like some version of that joke, life was terrible and in such small portions. And finally, the realization that you hadn’t performed enough or well enough and now everyone you loved would suffer. Why hadn’t anyone said something?

I learned in my early teenage years that if I wanted to make my life worth something then I would have to do it myself. I would not be able to depend on others as I had hoped. It was a life lesson that was both very powerful and very painful at the time. The core truth of that lesson was that no one was coming to save me! If I wanted to be successful in life, I would have to do that myself. As I’ve made my way to this good day, it’s a lesson that is as true today as it was when I was a young man.

It’s a valuable life lesson to understand that no one is coming to save you. People will move in and out of your life and if you depend on them to save you, then you will be disappointed. Some good people may help you along the way, but never forget that no one is coming to save you. You are responsible for your own success in life.
This short video clip below from Oprah has special relevance to this discussion. She’s blunt and to the point about looking to others to save or to fix you. Her advice is – don’t do it!

By management is a journey

Now that you know for a fact that no one is coming to save you – click here if you are ready to save yourself

But whatever you do, don’t stay still, you’ll get stuck. And That will unravel you.

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