A talented choreographer and fitness instructor is dancing her way through her pregnancy to the delight of her online fans.

The instructor has gained lots of online exposure with over 150K followers on Instagram since she started documenting her pregnancy dancing lifestyle.

South African Dancer Nkateko ” Takkies” Maswanganye is finding creative ways to stay fit while pregnant – In September she shared a video of herself dancing on a moving treadmill – “who said treadmills are only for running” ? she captioned the Instagram clip, which shows her showing off her baby bump in a metallic sports bra and matching leggings. The video starts with Takkies rubbing her growing stomach and soon she is energetically moving her arms and legs to the music- all while keeping up with the treadmill- Risky moves ?

Takkies shimmies from side to side and at one point she holds on the handlebar in front of her while dropping herself to the floor.

The mom to be’s moves are flawless and she looks like she’s having a great time in all her dance videos and numerous photo shoots.

Every so often she flashes a big smile while continuing with her unique routines. Unsurprisingly her video clips receive lots of comments and views with many hailing her as an inspiration. ” you’re so full of energy and make pregnancy look so easy hope I’m like you when I get pregnant”, said one Instagram fan, “you are so inspiring and full of life! I love your energy” said another raving fan.

As for those looking to criticise the pregnant dancer Takkies shared a warning on all her videos ” Disclaimer, not for sensitive viewers” she wrote, my doctor cleared me to keep dancing and working out.

Takkies is the creator and founder of Rockingnheels dance workout. She announced her pregnancy in August with a video taken while she and her husband Chris were enjoying their honeymoon/babymoon in the beautiful Island of Mauritius.

Source US News

How flawless can one get?

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The Incredible treadmill video

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A vision in Red

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Pregnancy never looked so good

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Beautiful couple

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Countdown to D day begins

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No words

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