By Dr Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi MBBS
Growth mindset and integrative lifestyle specialist
The phenomenal woman
CEO Healthy Living Services Nig Ltd
Executive chair Women Aligned For Growth

Women are a special breed of people.

They are strong, reslient, focused, determined, wise, talented, creative, passionate, purpose-ful and committed to family and society.

Women give birth to babies, nuture them, take care of the home
and still work or do business to earn money to support the family needs.

Women are caring, loving, and very protective of their children, spouses and other members of their families.

Many women are generally true Christians and moslems.

They strive to live true Christian and Moslem lives so they live mostly in the spirit and make empowering choices for successful.

These sort of Women are generally of good character living lives of inner contentment, harmony, happiness, peace, humility, gratitude, transparency, honesty, integrity, compassion, passion and impact.

They are living with higher ideals of inner beauty rather than external beauty.

They are no longer focused on acquisition of wealth by all means.

They are wired to live principle – centered value – driven lives that can help them work on becoming the best versions of themselves and be women of value and assets, to their families.

Women are not making the desired impact
in our society especially in the areas of social impact and leadership because of several reasons:

1 Women have not been intentional about putting in place a strategic road map using critical thinking skills with determination, commitment and resilience to implement these strategies until we achieve our goals of more women and youths inclusion in our politics, leadership, social impact.

2 If you think you can you can. Many women are living below the standards ordained by God for them. They are not optimising their innate talents to accomplish their dreams and aspirations. Women need to adopt the Growth mindset and integrative lifestyle so they can consistently and continuously improve all areas of their lives, so they can live their best lives and become assets to their world.

3 Some women may be struggling through their relationships and marriages as some men do not understand the importance of meeting a woman’s emotional needs. It is imperative for women to learn strategies for living happy lives while they strive to use non- combative communication to persuade their spouses to upgrade in the area of caring and loving their wives or partners.

4 Some women may be struggling with the finances for family upkeep. It is important that women are equipped with education and skills and knowledge that can help them become self reliant and endeavour to respect their spouses or their partners.

5 One of the most important lessons women need to learn is that their spouses or partners shouud not determine their happiness but should only contribute to it. No woman should allow anyone outside of her to steal her joy. Happiness is a choice. The fact of being alive and having access to God’s oxygen are enough reasons to be happy and grateful while working on turning our weaknesses into strengths.

6 Women must collaborate to do more social impact to give hope to the following
Hungry women children and youths, widows.
The homeless orphans and indigent youths
in families and communities.

7 We must encourage women to refuse gifts from ill- gotten wealth.

8 We must move away from the mindset of women marginalisation. We must stop begging for seats at the leadership table. Women should stratagize to have more women and youths in our leadership.
We have the numbers. We have the talents.

9 Women and youths must be prepared for leadership from primary school up to adulthood so they can acquire the necessary leadership skills for passion and impact.

10 Women must learn how to prevent chronic diseases so they can be role models , of vibrant health for the rest of the family. This will help reduce untimely deaths, and reduce our morbidity and mortality rates. We all need to be healthy to keep accomplishing our gaols and aspirations.

11 We should no longer keep quiet in the midst of deep decandance and erosion of our values. We must speak with one voice and pursue beliefs thoughts and actions that can begin to rebuild our nation Nigeria

Lets come together in an All WOMEN STRATEGY WEBINAR to discuss specific action -packed implementable stratagies that can help us put in a place a structure that can help us get to the promised land. As we focus on our medium and long term plan we must come up with a, strategy that can make our present leadership implement some of the policy recommendations we will put in place.

Lets start the journey to the wealthy place, a place of freedom for Nigerian women, men and their children the youths.

I change you change we change and society changes

Dr Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi MBBS
Growth mindset and integrative lifestyle specialist
The phenomenal woman
Executive chair WAG
CEO Healthy Living Services Nig Ltd

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Lets start the journey to the wealthy place, a place of freedom for Nigerian women, men and their children the youths.

I change you change we change and society changes

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