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Rocking their world with my sweet seduction and adventurous games.
Yeah, I was kind of surprised by the idea when Vince first proposed it to me.

“Listen, Christine,” he said on the phone. “This friend of mine, a businessman named Tony, has really helped me make a lot of money this year with this deal. I mean millions, OK?”

“OK,” I said.

“And I want to give him something really special for the New Year. That’s why I’m calling you.”

“I’m listening,” I said.

I knew it was going to be something that stretched my idea of what was appropriate. Vince was always doing that. But this one really caught me off guard.

“I want to give him something he’ll never forget,” he said.

“What’s that?”



“I’m sending a plane. A driver will pick you up and take you to the airport. Are you in?”

“Um…hang on. Who is this guy? Is he someone I want to spend time with?”

“Oh, you won’t be disappointed, I promise you,” he said. “And plus, it will give you something to write about. It will be great.”

“Send me a pic.”

In a moment a pic arrived in my texts. It was Tony Richards, an English banker. He was handsome, about 40. I do have a thing for British dudes, Vince knew that.

“OK,” I said. “Are you going to be there?”

“Only in spirit, darling,” he said. “I have to be with my children in Connecticut, alas. I would love to watch you blowing Tony’s mind. But I’ll experience it afterwards, when I read what you write about it.”

And that was it. It felt kind of weird, of course, being given as a gift. But that’s the way I was with Vince— putty in his hands. He could ask me to jump off a cliff and I would. That’s the way I am when I really become imprinted by a male. I become very pliant. I know, it’s a weakness. I’m not proud of it.

But I did like this idea of being given as a gift. It made me feel incredibly sexy, if you must know.

I spent like five hours getting myself as sexy looking as possible. I was wearing a very expensive red skirt and a see-through blouse, with a red bra. I straightened my hair for about two hours, so it looked glamorous coming down over my shoulders. I did a special thing with my eyes with blue glitter smokey eye makeup. I wore a special skimpy red thong for the moment of truth, when this Tony will have gotten his New Year’s gift almost unwrapped, and there was just this one small thing to remove. Then I would be all his.

I got quite horny thinking about it.

Anyhow, the driver arrived, took me to a small airport outside of Barcelona, and I got on a jet. I was the only person on the jet, other than the pilots. They looked at me kind of lasciviously. I don’t know, maybe they thought that I was some sort of a high class escort or something that Vince was flying somewhere to meet. Or maybe they even knew that Vince was sending me to this guy Tony Richards. I didn’t care. I felt even hornier, the way they looked at me, with those knowing glances. They were jealous of Vince. They wished they could have me to themselves. They wished they had Vince’s power and sway. They wished they could see me in that tiny red thong and nothing else. I enjoyed the short plane ride immensely, getting into this role as international piece of ass, or whatever it was.

You know life is very short, isn’t it? I enjoyed every moment of this adventure. It was kind of spiritual for me, to be honest. It was like, one of my last hurrahs. Not my very last hurrah. But I sensed I was nearing the end of this chapter of my life, for some reason. I mean, can this kind of decadence last forever? Maybe so. Maybe not. Anyhow, I wanted to savor it.

Another limo met me at Luton airport outside London. I had to show my passport to a man who met us at the plane. It wasn’t like waiting for customs, ha!

And then I was driving to the countryside. I pulled up to this stately home. It wasn’t Downton Abbey, but it was classic Country English, with brick walls, a cobblestone drive, stone lions at the gate, you know.

I was very surprised to see two people waiting outside. One of them was Tony; he was in a preppy-looking check shirt and khakis. And a gorgeous, slender blonde woman was standing next to him, holding his hand.

“Ah, Christine Stevens, welcome,” he said, extending his hand, as the driver brought in my little carry-on bag — I travel light! “This is my wife Jemma, and I’m Tony.”

His wife? What the eff? Had Vince sent me here to be a unicorn in their threesome? Damn, he could have mentioned that. It might have influenced my decision. I was flustered.

“Welcome to Farm Hall,” said Jemma. “That’s the name of this house. It used to be the farmhouse for a neighboring estate. We don’t farm any more, obviously. Come in, come in. I’ll show you to your room. It’s so wonderful that you came, really. We’re both the hugest fans of your writing, honestly. We read every word you write.”

“You’re a genius,” said Tony. “An absolute genius.”

“Aw, shucks,” I said. “I try.”

“This really is the greatest New Year’s gift I’ve ever received,” said Tony, a while later, when I came down for sherry. Yes, they drank sherry. I loved it. Totally Downton Abbey and sexy. Even if the sherry tasted a bit sickly sweet. “Having you here at Farm Hall…”

“Having me?” I said, flirtatiously. “Well, you haven’t had me yet.”

I wanted them to work a bit for it.

“Oh, don’t make Tony nervous,” said Jemma. “He’s not much of a seducer. In fact, I had to seduce him. It took me eight weeks.”

“It’s all numbers and graphs in this noggin,” said Tony. “I’m a nerd, I’m afraid.”

“It’s true,” said Jemma. “But once he’s loosened up, Tony’s loads of fun, you’ll see.”

“I hope so,” I said, turning to her. “And what about you? Are you loads of fun, too?”

“Oh dear,” she said, blushing bright red. “I’m reddening, aren’t I? I’m giving myself away. No, no, neither of us are really adventurers, you know, we’ve never done anything kinky. But we do like to read about it. And when Vince told us he knew you, well, we went bonkers. So I guess that’s why he sent you here to visit us. But honestly, if you just want to play cards and drink sherry, that’s fine. And then you can eat a nice pheasant that Cook is going to make for us for New Year’s eve.

“I’d like to eat you for New Year’s eve,” I said then. I don’t know what came over me. She was very sexy, and that accent. The smell of her. She smelled like English flowers. And English money. Like roses and shillings and guineas and quids, you know. And she was so uptight I just couldn’t resist saying it.

“While your husband watches and pleasures himself,” I continued. “How does that sound, Tony?”

“Oh my goodness,” he said. “You really cut to the chase, Christine, I’ll give you that.”

“Well?” I said.

“Oh, yes, yes please!” he sang. “Sounds amazing.”

So here they were, this incredibly wealthy English couple, lords of the manor, with their servants and limousines, enjoying the best of the best, and I was about to become part of that. Another luxury experience in their long list of luxury experiences. I wanted to make sure this was a luxury they never forgot.

“Let’s go,” I said, taking Jemma by the hand and leading her up the grand staircase, with the nerdy, excited husband trotting up behind.

Twenty-four hours later I was back in my flat in Barcelona when the phone rang.

“Darling,” said the voice. “You outdid yourself. Really. You blew their minds, just as I had hoped. I’m so grateful.”

“They were happy?”

“Oh, they were exhausted,” Vince said. “You really wore them out. Both of them. But they’re confirmed swingers now. They were like, we had no idea what we’d been missing.”

“Ha,” I said.

“So tell me about it,” he said. “What happened?”

“No, no,” I said. “You’ll have to wait for it to be published. Just like my other readers.”

“Oh, I can’t get a sneak peek?” he said. “I mean, I’m not just any reader, after all.”

“Well, I did put on my strap-on at one point and fuck the shit out of your proper British lad Tony, while his wife squealed with laughter and delight.”

“Oh my God, no!”

“But he made me promise not to write about that,” I said. “The other bankers might not approve, I guess. But I knew he’d love it, a British public schoolboy after all.”

“You’re priceless, Christine!” he said. “Tell me more.”

“No, no, that’s it for now. Stay tuned.”

So when we got upstairs…I sat next to Jemma on this fluffy country bed, you know, about four feet high, so we had to dangle our feet over the edge. I stroked her hair and relaxed her. And then I kissed her softly on the cheeks, on the nose, on the lips, then I put my mouth on hers and pressed in my tongue.

“Crikey, I’m about to cum already,” she said. And she wasn’t kidding. I put my hand between her legs, up her skirt, and felt her drenched there. It just took a couple of little wiggles with my hand and she was orgasming in earnest.

“Oh god, oh god,” she said, when she caught her breath. “I’ve never been with a woman before. I’ve wanted to, but… but…oh god…”

“You like it, Jem? You like it a lot?” asked Tony. I saw him over there, completely naked at the head of the bed, wanking himself. He had a large boner that was standing straight up and pointing toward an amazing Renaissance-style fresco on the bedroom ceiling, with cherubs and so on. I couldn’t wait to get on that boner. But Jemma needed some more tending to, I could see. She was having an “awakening.”

“Christ it’s all so boring, the lot of it,” she was free-associating as I removed her clothes one item at a time, and covered her body with caresses. “The luncheons and the charity dos and the Henley Regatta and punting, Christ, if I have to go punting one more time I’ll die. All I want to do is feel this divine pleasure, oh divine, divine, yes, suck my cunt, suck it, Christine, you goddess! You strumpet nymph. You’re the sexiest thing that ever walked on the earth, you know that, don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer. My face was buried deep in her aristocratic hairy crotch, as I brought her to a second, third, and fourth orgasm. Her hips rising high off those million thread sheets. Her hands gripping my head violently at times, pulling my hair and telling me what a sexy genius I was.

“You like it a lot, don’t you Jem!” said Tony. I looked up and could see cum dripping from that large boner, but it was still pointing up at the fresco and he wasn’t about to slow down.

“I’ve taken three Cialis,” he said, by way of explanation.

“Steady boy,” I said. “We don’t want to call the National Health now. There’s probably a waiting list for heart attacks.”

“Oh we don’t use the National Health!” said Jemma. “Yes, fuck me. Use another finger. Another, please, fuck me hard, Christine, you sexy marvel you. You naughty, naughty girl. Put your fingers hard and deep in my cunt. Please, I beg you! Another finger, another finger!”

I already had three going. But I did as I was told and I fucked her with four. And I should have seen it coming. Squirt.


The million thread sheets were soaked.

“Oh my goodness, have I wet myself? What’s going on? Tony? Tony?”

Tony was laughing.

“She made you squirt darling, that’s all,” said Tony, and I saw this ejaculation, who knows if it was his second or third. He went firing up toward the fresco and yes, it landed on an angel’s wing.

“My goodness, darling, you’ve really shot that quail!”

They laughed.

“Alright, now it’s your turn,” she said then, in a breathy upper-crust accent. “Come on darling, let’s help her out of her things.”

Then, just as I had pictured it earlier, one by one my expensive and sexy items were removed, my skirt, my see-through blouse, the red bra underneath, my heels, and now I was lying there in only the red thong.

“Can you believe it, darling?” said Jemma.

“No,” said Tony.

And they both feasted their eyes on my near-naked body as they caressed me softly, and sighed and moaned.

“Would you like to do the honors, darling?” said Tony.

“That’s very kind of you,” she said.

I lifted up my butt as she reached around and slowly pulled off my thong.

I had been waiting for this moment for some time now. I had imagined how it would feel, but now it was doubly stimulating, because there were two humans taking in my nakedness, my pussy. And all of you readers, now, seeing my legs slightly spread, my pussy dripping with excitement, my teeth biting my lower lip sexily, and then, crying out as she put her face to my pussy and began sucking my clit.

“Come here, Tony,” I said. “Let me suck that big dick as she does this.”

“Capital idea,” he said. I think he was parodying the upper-crust lingo there, but who knows? He soon was pushing his dick into my mouth. Jemma wasn’t much good at clit sucking, unfortunately. She soon got tired of it and stepped back to watch me sucking her husband’s dick. I think she was momentarily upset by the sight.

“Oh dear,” she said. “Tony, I’ve never seen you look so happy!”

I glanced up from my work on his cock, and saw his dopey smile.

“Don’t I make you that happy darling, when I do it?”

“No, of course you do, darling,” he said. “But it’s Christine Stevens for Christ’s sake.”

“Of course it is,” she said. “But I’m not sure I’m ready to watch you have full sex with her. I’m feeling insecure, darling.”

“Don’t be daft,” he said. “You know I love you. It’s just pure animal attraction and insane lust I feel for this divine creature.”

“But you could never love me?” I said, pulling out his dick from my mouth to utter that little barb.

“Oh, I could certainly love you, Christine,” he said. “But you could never love me. I’m much too boring for an international jet setter like yourself.”

“Well, let me be the judge of that, you sexy thang,” I said, pushing him down on the bed and mounting him. I looked over at Jemma enviously.

“You get this big sausage to yourself every night, you lucky bitch,” I said.

And that loosened her up, I guess. Because as I started fucking him, gyrating my hips into him and feeling that excellent pressure against my pubic bone, where my clit was being squished very satisfyingly, she came up behind me and started whispering sweet things in my hair and caressing my breasts.

“Use my husband for your pleasure, darling,” she said. “You deserve it. You’ve given me such pleasure. Now take some for yourself. It is a very nice cock, isn’t it.”

I couldn’t respond, because I was cumming, hard and good. This was all turning out better than I had planned

“And tomorrow morning we can shoot quail,” said Tony, as I finished orgasming and fell off him.

“Right,” I said. “Now get on all fours, Tony, I’m going to give you a New Year’s present you’ll never forget.”

“Oh, you’ve already gone way beyond the unforgettable, Christine,” he said. “You’ve knocked our socks off!”

But then I knocked him even further, with my strap-on. But as I said, I’m not going to write about that because of decency and so on.

The next morning we went wandering around the grounds with rifles and shot at birds. Not sure what the point of it all was, but I’d seen it done in the movies, so I thought I would give it a try.

Everything once, that’s my motto. I’m not sure I want to be someone’s New Year’s gift again. But I’m glad I tried it once. It was really nice to be savored like an expensive wine or a good piece of cheese.

“That’s me, I guess,” I thought, on my way home in Vince’s jet. “A nice, delicious piece of cheese. Or a thoroughbred racehorse. A luxury item. An indulgence.”

No money had changed hands. I wasn’t a whore. I was just a submissive partner of the dominant, powerful, almighty Vince. He was training me to not question him. To do his bidding. To trust he was taking me to good places.

And to let someone else have the reins for a while. Where we would end up in this strange ride, who knew?

I would see him next weekend, at least. It would be just me and my powerful master.

If only time could move faster and I could be in his strong arms again, inhaling his manly scent and feeling the strength and dominance oozing from his every pore.

“I’m yours, Vince,” I said out loud as I wrote this. “I’m all yours!”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Hot hot hot off the revamping stove!

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