It’s super exciting that Jayde is continuing to share her life and this journey she’s on even after she gave birth. We’ll be on the look out for more photos as Jayde shares them!

Jayde announced her pregnancy last year and fans freaked out over the news. She posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “We are so excited to finally announce we are expecting a baby! I still can’t believe me and the love of my life have created another life that’s growing inside of me. It’s been the hardest but one of the best times of my life so far. We can’t wait to meet you little baby & we love you so much.

Jayde and Mike have been together for awhile now and both documented the pregnancy on social media. Everything from the reveal party to the baby shower to the discomforts of pregnancy were shared with their fans and followers.
Mike has been a super supportive boyfriend throughout this period. Not only is he really excited to take on this daddy role but he also never stopped gushing about how beautiful Jayde looked while carrying their daughter. In a recent Instagram post he wrote, “I can’t get over how amazing she looks while pregnant.

Jayde burst into the spotlight back in 2015 when she was seen out and about with Justin Bieber in Los Angeles. The pair worked out together and even travelled together. Remember when the paparazzi caught Justin completely naked on the porch of his private villa in Bora Bora? Jayde was the girl he brought along during that trip.
Clearly, times have changed.
We have a feeling that Justin is super happy for her and even though he probably won’t publicly acknowledge it. Regardless, Jayde has always seemed like a kind and caring person dating back to her Bieber days so we have a feeling she’s going to make an excellent mom!

Watch Jayde describe her experience and how she dealt with postpartum depression

Super cute

She welcomed her daughter into the world earlier this year and has been sharing photos of her ever since.

There's nothing better than a man who makes you feel like a Queen everyday

Little foot

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