The morning sun filtered through the blinds as Brooke sat up in bed, eagerly awaiting the day’s events. She got up, pulling on her favorite pair of jeans and a fitted top that showed off her curves. Her phone buzzed as she grabbed it, checking to see if there was any news from her toy boy. Not yet …

As she sipped her coffee, she felt a sense of excitement boil inside her. She had a shoot scheduled, and she couldn’t wait to be in front of the camera. She had been modeling for years, but something about the photoshoot made her feel alive. It was like she could be someone else for a moment, and that was something she loved.

She woke up early to get ready for her shoot. It had been weeks since she’d seen her boy toy and she was craving his touch. As she walked to the kitchen to get her day started her phone pinged. She had messaged him last night but he didn’t get back to her.
She looked at her phone and it was him, Thomas. She quickly opened the message and read, “Sorry baby. I fell asleep early and just saw this. I miss you. Let’s get together.”
She poured herself a coffee and had a thought, a naughty thought. She smirked as she replied, “Hey handsome. I’ve got a shoot today. Got time to stop by in between takes? I’d love to see you.” She put her phone down and nervously started biting her nails. It was risky but she’d always fantasized about it.
“I can do that,” he replied. “What time and where?”
She gave him the details and added, “Let’s have some fun together there.”
She giggled at her cryptic response. She noticed he saw the message but he didn’t respond to it. Let the game begin she thought. She finished her coffee and got dressed in pair of yoga pants and a loose shirt. There would be outfits there that the photographer would have ready.
She quickly sent a message to the photographer about her plan and waited for the response. He got back to her: “Hey Brooke, we can definitely do that. It’ll just be me and you there so we can make that happen. See you in a few!”
She smiled as she walked out the door and headed to the location.
When she arrived she got her makeup done and put on an outfit that was prepared for her. Zach had music going on the set that was in a separate room so it was just her and him taking pics. She felt comfortable around him from day one, a year ago when she started modelling. It was a good arrangement and Zach was always the professional.
Thomas arrived an hour into the shoot and was waiting outside in the makeup room. The assistant sent a text to Zach to let him know Thomas was there. Brooke came out to greet him. “Hey,” she said. “How’s it going?” They embraced, careful not to smear the makeup. She took him by the hand and led him…

she got that familiar feeling in her stomach. The one that she was starting to associate with her boy toy. When she saw him, her heart skipped a beat. He was tall, with hair as dark as coal and brown eyes that sparkled in the morning sun. He smiled at her, pulling her in for a kiss.

For the next few hours, they spent time together, shooting their images together. Brooke felt like a goddess, as the camera captured every curve and movement. They laughed and joked, sharing stories and memories. It was as if they were two halves of a whole, brought together by something greater than either of them alone.
Next came the explosive sexy sex being watched wearing her titillating lingerie made it all the more exciting…

One thing was for sure this Photoshoot definitely took an erotic turn.

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One thing was for sure this Photoshoot definitely took an erotic turn.

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