It occurred to me today that my father is the Rock of my life!

My father, the man I will always look up to.

Now I look back I remember how I probably was the love of his life.

My parents didn’t have kids for six years, My father the Gentleman he is never gave my mum any headaches about it, despite being raised in a culture where the woman is blamed for such an occurrence.

My father always Gentle always teaching always correcting.

There were four of us back to back,
He spared no expense on us as we grew up.

I remember the holidays every summer like clock work a different place a different country every time.

The summer camps in the most prestigious of places.

I remember leaving for these camps and feeling like bawling my eyes out.

I remember how he never let us rest.
From such a young age, we had to all wake up early and pray. We hated it but now I’m grateful.

We had to exercise with him at the stadium every Saturday morning, I was barely five.

Why are you watching TV he would say? Read a book do something productive.

Yes he was all about being productive
Write about your day, write a proposal on why I should listen to you, write write write everyday write.

Stop walking like a penguin, don’t eat with your mouth open, say thank you to the staff, sit up straight and on and on.

Today I can’t thank him enough for the woman I am. I am who I am because of my Father. Some days I feel like he is not the Man I remember and then I remember it all , everything he did for us as we were growing up and REMEMBER I am who I am because of my Father.

I remember the day I was acquainted with darkness.
I remember my father swooping In taking charge….

I look at my six year old daughter and I wonder will I measure up? Will I give her the upbringing that moulded me and shaped my future?

I hope so …I Pray so…

The future is bright

My lil munchkin

2 thoughts on “My Father”

  1. Dalya Ebozue says:

    Love you

    1. adaobi ebozue says:

      Love you back din din

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