The slay network squad came out to style these divas and the result was nothing short of spectacular as usual.

These looks by slay my bambinis, slay my look, slay my hair and slay my shades are super gorgeous and will definitely cause a riot when paired together.


Mama: Wearing look 02-63 by slay my look, crystal and no 18 by slay my hair
Bambini: no 7 by slay bambinis
Mama Sunnies : limited edition by slay my shades comes with matching earrings (price $2695). Contact concierge here to get it.
Bambini sunnies: limited edition by slay my shades (Price $1348). Contact concierge here to get it.

Instructions to contact concierge : click the contact concierge link above, enter the title of this post in the enquiry field, fill in the necessary details and click send. Slay Concierge will contact you to confirm details

They came to slay

Mom is gorgeous but slay bambinis always steal the show!

Peach perfect

Matching Divas

Divalicious me

When you always steal the show

That slaylebrity mama vibe

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