THE MOSER PERPETUAL GOLDEN EDITION More than five years have passed since Moser introduced the world’s first watch with the legendary fl ash calendar with the Perpetual 1. Today, it is still the only perpetual calendar watch that can be operated playfully and solely by means of the crown without having to read a tedious manual. There are no restrictions to correct the calendar forwards or backwards. Not even when the watch is moving to the next day. Together with all the other functions, this watch is and remains unique worldwide. Moser has taken advantage of this small anniversary to develop a strictly limited special edition of 100 pieces for the brand’s collectors under the name PERPETUAL GOLDEN EDITION. As the name already suggests, gold plays a prominent role in this watch. With Moser, we were already accustomed to the fact that all H. Moser & Cie cases are made exclusively of precious metals. The anchor and the anchor wheel of the interchangeable escapement of each watch are also made of solid gold.

Of course, this also applies to the Double Hairspring escapement of the GOLDEN EDITION. As are the weight screws of the Glucydur balance, which are made of solid white gold. Apart from the Double Hairspring escapement, which Moser has produced for the first time, with two Straumann spiral springs, which are difficult to manufacture and make a tourbillon superfluous, there is really nothing special about it. But Moser goes further: Moser’s extraordinary perpetual calendar and Double Hairspring escapement are complemented by 18-carat rose gold, which will never lose its value as the material for the movement’s plate and bridges. A solid gold movement, then. Complemented by high-polished steel parts which, for reasons of functionality, cannot be replaced by gold. Compared to the matt surface of the gold bridges, this creates a very attractive contrast. This contrast is further enhanced by the extremely complex and therefore rare hand-bevelling of the gold bridges. This can only be identified by the fact that the watchmaker hand-faces and polishes the angles down to the smallest corner. Thus, there are no roundings, and one can recognize – only with a magnifying glass – that the polishing of the edges ends in a point at the corners. In addition, the Moser hallmark, which has stood for 185 years as a symbol of excellent quality and authenticity, is hand-engraved on this movement. Another superlative is identified on the movement, even without a magnifying glass.

The MOSER PERPETUAL GOLDEN EDITION is the first watch in the world with a functional counter-pivot made of real diamond in the Incabloc shock protection. And this on both sides of the shock protection. Even if this can only be seen from the movement side. The bearings under the counter-pivot are also the epitome of understatement. Contrary to usual, they are not made of red ruby, but of white sapphire. Otherwise, a red glow would emanate from the stonework below. With all these superlatives, it is logical that the dial, the hour markers and, of course, all the hands are also made of solid gold. And, as is customary at Moser: when the Double Hairspring escapement in the watch ensures that no gravity error can occur, the dial must also feature the hand-made smoked shadowing. A watch that is literally worth its weight in gold, with a perpetual calendar that can be corrected backwards and forwards at any time and that switches in less than a second – even if it goes directly from 28 February to 1 March – is watchmaking at its finest.

The watch represents everything that H. Moser & Cie stands for: elegant style with a touch of understatement and the incredible complexity, identifiable only at second glance, of its own movements. Two barrels, genuine bevel wheels for smooth winding, a guaranteed power reserve of seven days, the patented Double Pull Crown system, screwed-in gold bezels and Moser gearing for all the gears clearly illustrate what Moser means by classic watchmaking. Authenticity and exclusivity down to the smallest detail and an absolute ban on the use of any mass-produced parts. Of course, this masterpiece is also visible through the watch’s sapphire back.

Ref. 341.101-008: Three-part case in rose gold, alligator strap with rose gold folding clasp, limited series of 100

MOSER PERPETUAL GOLDEN EDITION Ref. 341.101-008 A gold watch in the superlative. The already legendary fl ash perpetual calendar, which can be corrected forwards and backwards at any time, integrated in a movement with solid gold plate and bridges. Limited to 100 pieces.

THREE-PART CASE IN PINK GOLD- Solid gold dial, smoked gold surface with manual setting- 18-carat rose gold hour markers- Solid gold hands- Anti-reflective sapphire crystal on the inside- Transparent sapphire crystal caseback with anti-reflective coating on the inside- Alligator strap with solid gold folding clasp

GOLDEN HAND-WINDOWS – SPECIAL EDITION Solid rose gold plate and bridges- Classic matt surfaces- Hand bevelled to the corners- Hand engraved hallmark- Screwed gold bezels- Moser toothing on all wheels and pinions- Double barrel winding system- Genuine conical wheels for transferring the winding movement- Double Pull Crown (DPC) winding system, with two permanently fixed stops for the positions Date setting and Time setting- Seven-day power reserve guaranteed- Power reserve display at 9 o’clock- Perpetual calendar- Large date display always centred at 3 o’clock- Month display from the centre via the hour markers- Calendar with front and back correction via crown, Continuously adjustable and unrestricted – Leap year consideration – Leap year display on the movement side, adjustable by means of a push-button axis at 9 o’clock

– Flash Calendar function ‘ All calendar functions are triggered by the watch within one second ‘ Direct switching from the end of the month to the first day of the following month, taking into account the respective length of the previous month Interchangeable escapement module- Mounted in the movement with only 2 screws- Safety lever to prevent the movement from running out of control Greater running stability thanks to the Double Hairspring escapement with two Straumann spiral springs- Solid gold anchor and anchor wheel- Lateral anchor- Dragon lock for high-precision adjustment- Classic Glucydur screw balance- White gold weight screws- Steel adjustment screws in a slotted thread- Two functional diamond counter-pivots, – Two functional diamond counter-pivots, integrated for the first time with a sapphire shock absorber- Second stop ‘ Watch stops in the crown position Time correction ‘ No watch stops when correcting the date

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The first watch in the world with a functional counter-pivot made of real diamond

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