Today I feel too good!

My Husband Helps Me Take a New Lover on a Boat Trip
I have sex with an old friend with his wife only yards away, and it feels too good

Our sex life went quiet after the heady days of my renewed cuckolding of my husband. Outdoor, daytime sex with a young shop assistant, the carpet fitter in his van, and the stranger I broadcast having sex with via webcam (for my husband’s entertainment and my thrills!) were all very exciting, and you can read about those. But then life got busy. Now it is summer and I am so horny for something new, but who knows what?
Then the opportunity falls in my lap. The lap of an old friend. And here I am bouncing on it with the added fun of a rock-hard erection, at night, on a park bench. His cock is so much bigger than I remember from college. And he is giving me the most wonderful orgasms with it and his clever, strong hands.
But I’m rushing ahead. How did I get here in the first place? He is a married man. We know the couple well. Quiz nights and meals out, family events. But I hadn’t fucked him since that first year at university when quite frankly I was fucking everyone.
He phoned my husband and asked if we wanted to go on a week-long canal trip with them and another couple. I’d never been on a narrowboat before and I couldn’t wait to fill the locks and stop the traffic with those little drawbridges. Plus my horny brain was starting to work things out.
“This trip, you don’t mind if I, you know, do Mark?”
“Gosh, no,” my kind cuckold husband said with barely a hesitation. I could tell I’d have to fuck him in a moment, my words had already turned him on. “But what about his wife?”
“Oh, her… well, I’m sure you can keep her busy.”
I didn’t think she would fuck him, nor would my husband try to be unfaithful to me, but as long as I got a few minutes alone I knew Mark would beg for my pussy again, even 20 years since the last time we’d done it.
So, that’s how I came to be fucking him on a towpath bench. The boat is tied up for the night and my husband is boring Mark’s wife Julie with pictures of our last holiday, while Mark and I go for a walk to ‘talk about our student days.’
It doesn’t take much to make him cheat on her. As soon as we are on the bank I whisper in his ear, “I want you.” He takes my hand and leads me quickly to a bench. it reminds us both of the first time we did it during freshers’ week. I recreate the moment by working his cock out of his pants myself and starting to suck on him. Well we didn’t lie, it is a kind of reminiscing!
I suck at the end of his large cock and feel a wave of dirty naughtiness come over me. I pull back and look into his eyes. This man is my friend, I’ve known him all through university, we even went to each other’s wedding. Yet right now he is going to fuck me, not carelessly, but knowing that I want him to do it, and that it will turn me on.
He kisses me passionately, and I feel his big cock pushing down into the top of my pubic hair. I rub my wet pussy against his leg, letting him know just how desperate I am for this. I reach around to fondle his balls and he starts to moan loudly. I let him slide down onto the ground, lying on his back.
I kneel between his legs and kiss his stomach. His cock is still hard and I stroke it, looking into his eyes. Then I lean forward and gently lick the underside of his shaft. He lets out a groan. I take the head in my mouth and blow softly, feeling its warmth and thickness.
I move up and down slowly, letting him take in every sensation of my hot wet mouth sliding up and down his thick cock. I use my tongue to swirl around the head, and then slide my lips down the length of the shaft and back up again.
“God, you are so good!” he moans, grabbing my hair.
I feel such a thrill at pleasing him, and then I know I am ready for more.
“Fuck me,” I say, “fuck your slutty best friend.”
I grab hold of my skirt and pull it up, revealing my panties. I push my panties to one side and take his cock in my hand. I rub it against my wet pussy, making it slippery.
I lower myself onto his cock. I ease myself down until I feel the tip pressing against me. My excitement builds inside me. I can hardly believe that after all these years we’re doing it again.
Then I start to ride him, sliding up and down his cock, teasing him by moving up his shaft only to slide back down again.
I reach down and rub my clit, feeling my body tingle. I begin to pant, riding him faster and harder, the pleasure of the moment almost too intense.
I know he wants to cum, and I want him to, but I want to give him some more. I feel my orgasm building, and he feels it as well, grunting with each thrust of his hips.
I see in his eyes that he is close, and I know there isn’t time to slow down or stop.
He grabs my waist and pushes up into me as hard and fast as he can, his cock throbbing deep inside me. I feel the familiar pressure build-up within me and I explode, unable to control the urge.
I cry out as I feel my muscles contracting and I cum all over his cock.
I collapse onto the grassy floor, exhausted by my orgasm. I hear him moaning next to me and I know he is coming. I roll over to face him and watch him bucking his hips, his hand racing up and down his cock, shooting rope after rope of sticky white cum into the air and onto me.
We lie together on the damp grass, our bodies covered in sweat from our exertions.
“Wow! That was amazing!” I gasp, feeling a bit breathless.
“Why did you get off, leave me high and dry!” he laughs.
“Too intense! I couldn’t stay on your big rigid member after my orgasm, sorry. Maybe Julie will fuck you properly later,” I say with a slightly cruel smile. I’m not normally a bitch, I’m just not her biggest fan and I’ve just had fantastic sex with her man.
He sits up and looks at me, grinning. “You really are a wicked woman, aren’t you?”
I laugh. “Let’s have another walk tomorrow, and maybe we’ll find somewhere else to fuck.”
I lean down and kiss him, tasting myself on his lips. He kisses me back, more passionately than before, and I feel an electrical charge running between us.
He moves his hand to my breast, cupping it, rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I moan and wrap my arms around his neck.
He flips me over and slides his cock into me. I moan loudly, enjoying the fullness and tight heat of his big cock filling my pussy. We fuck passionately, and I feel like I’m getting closer to another orgasm.
I look round at him, seeing the expression on his face as he watches me. I give him a wicked grin. “I’m gonna cum again,” I warn him.
“Go ahead,” he says.
I start to ride him, grinding my hips against his and pushing my pussy down onto his cock. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him, pressing his chest against my back, his hands gripping my breasts and squeezing them.
“I’m going to cum!” he warns me.

I tighten my grip around his cock, afraid my orgasm might push him out, which I do to men when it is really intense. I squeeze his cock even tighter, thinking about how much I love having his cock inside me. I start to move faster, feeling my orgasm building up again, and I know I won’t be able to hold it back for long.
“Oh God, I’m cumming!” I cry out, moving up and down his cock, fucking him hard as my orgasm surges through my body. I feel him spasm inside me, and he starts to shoot his cum deep inside me. It feels warm and thick.
I collapse under him, breathing heavily. We lie together, still connected by his erection.
“That was incredible!” I whisper. “What’s happening to us?”
“It feels great doesn’t it? Just keep fucking me, I need to cum again,” he mumbles.
“How old are you? You can still manage it? You’ve not changed!”
“I can manage it with you!” he says and I kiss him on the nose. I feel a wave of something other than lust which I must admit scares me. He brings me back though. “Sit on me, on the bench. Bounce up and down like you did that first time, all those years ago.”
I do exactly that. That’s how we got there! It feels deeper like this, more full than ever.
I start to bounce up and down on his cock, grinding my hips into his groin. I’m getting close again, and this time I don’t intend to let go.
“I’m cumming!” I cry out, and he grabs my ass cheeks, pulling me down onto him as I shake with the intensity of my orgasm.
He moans and groans in response, and his hands slide down my body, and between my legs, cupping my ass.
“Fuck!” he cries out, shaking with his own climax.

I sit on him a little longer, savouring the last waves of pleasure, then climb off him.
Back at the canal boat I feel a little flustered, but very happy. I can’t wait to whisper the details to my cuckold husband, except this time I am a little worried maybe I feel more than just lust towards this man who fucked me so very well.
His wife is very pretty, but she scowls slightly. The third couple look a little uncomfortable with the atmosphere and try to break it with conversation, “Have a good ole’ chat about the old days then?”
“Oh yes,” I say, “it was a lot fun, we were really animated, remembered so many intimate details.” I’m not sure my innuendo reply helped!


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Today I feel too good!

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