A fun workout that will definitely get you sweating!

Workout break down

1. Side Squat Jump
2. Mountain Climbers
3. Knee Drop Plank
4. Hip Lift
5. Deep Squat (with or without weight)
6. Russian Kicks
7. Knee to Elbow Plank Cross
8. Temple Tap V-Up
9. Lunge Jump Kick
10. Burpee

11. Chair Twist
12. Hanging Leg Raise

No of reps: 20
Repeat 2X

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve just completed the three month bikini workout program. How does it feel? Did you reach your body goals? If yes well done, if No, don’t give up, it takes time. We will be starting

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Sweat smile and repeat

Working out with a partner is always more fun

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