This is a tough workout, do brace yourself. You will be doing 60 seconds per exercise, and 30 seconds per Burpee interval. There will be no rest in between. You should complete 3 rounds, with a short water break in between each round. 

You should average 7 Burpees per 30 second interval, so that means for the entire workout You should complete at least 126 Burpees total! You may think for sure You will be sore today, but We promise you will feel great afterwards!


1. Walk the Plank
2. Burpees
3. Rock the Boat
4. Burpees
5. Right Leg Circles
6. Burpees
7. Left Leg Circles
8. Burpees
9. Leg Series (right)
10. Burpees
11. Leg series(left)
12. Burpees

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Weekends are perfect for getting in shape-No Gym needed!

You should always be up for more! Workout 1. Push up To Jump Squat (10-12 total) 2. Step Up Side Crunch (10 E/S) 3. Plyo Push Up Steps (10-12 total) 4. Double Push Up Triple Jump Squat (6-8 reps) 5. Plyo Push Up Reverse Claps 6. Crab Walks (10 e/s) 7. Push Up Under Knee Claps (6-8 E/S) 3-4 SETS TOTAL WITH 60 SECONDS REST IN BETWEEN. Make sure you stay hydrated

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