Metallic Knot Bangle

Crafted in a striking, modern knot shape, the Knot Bangle is 18K plated and inspired by sleek, graphic shapes. This piece can be worn solo or stacked with your favourite bracelets to create that maximum impact.

Open End Design – Size Adjustable

 Circumference: 16.5cm (Adjustable) 

 Made by 18K Gold Plated with Stainless Steel.

Colors: Gold, rose gold or silver

Price: $605
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


Instructions to purchase: click the Buy Now link above, enter the title of this post in the enquiry field, fill in the necessary details and click send. Slay Concierge will contact you to confirm details

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Through the ages, the knot has symbolised the unbreakable pledge of love and devotion.

Metallic Knot Bangle

Allows you to express your commitment to your beloved in the simplest, most elegant form possible.

Metallic Knot Bangle

With its subtle twists and turns, the Love Knot becomes a timeless symbol of your binding love.

Metallic Knot Bangle

Allow your precious metal to get in a twist

Metallic Knot Bangle

What's your favourite Color

Metallic Knot Bangle

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