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Alright, champions, gather ’round. We’re diving into a masterpiece, a world-conqueror’s timepiece – the MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx. If you don’t know, now you will. This isn’t just a watch; it’s a declaration, a badge of power, a symbol that screams, “I dominate life.”

First off, let’s talk specs because, without precision, you’re not playing to win. The Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx is a beast, a showstopper. Its black onyx dial? A void, a canvas of limitless possibilities. It’s the kind of black that absorbs light, like the gravitational pull of success swallowing mediocrity. This isn’t just a color; it’s a statement of absolute authority.

Now, to the heart of the matter – the 18k white gold case, 38.5mm in diameter, perfectly balanced. You know what this says about you? It says you’re not afraid to stand out, to shine. The diamonds – 120 of them lining the bezel and lugs, 26 on the dial, all meticulously set – are not just luxury; they’re battle scars of opulence, proof that you’ve ascended to a plane most can only dream of.

But let’s not ignore the crown jewel – the flying tourbillon. A marvel of engineering, floating above the dial at an audacious 50-degree angle, as if defying gravity itself. It’s like looking into the vortex of power, the eye of a storm where you thrive while others get swept away. This isn’t about telling time; it’s about transcending it. This is for those who understand that with every tick, they’re closer to seizing the next victory.

Pay attention – this masterpiece is encased in a high-domed sapphire crystal, giving you a view that’s as untouchable as it is breathtaking. It’s like peering into the future, where you see opportunities and others see only obstacles. This is the clarity of vision, the foresight of champions.

Strapped to your wrist with a supple black alligator leather strap, secured with an 18k white gold folding buckle, the Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx becomes an extension of you – your unwavering resolve, your unstoppable ambition, and your unyielding pursuit of greatness.

This isn’t just a watch; it’s an emblem, a standard for those who operate in the upper echelons of success. Wearing it means you’ve arrived and that you refuse to be anything less than legendary. It’s for the titans, the moguls, the ones who turn dreams into tangible triumphs.

But remember, this level of opulence isn’t just bought with money; it’s earned with grit, strategy, and relentless execution. The MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx is a reward, a testament to your journey from the grit and grind to the pinnacle of victory.

So, wear it with pride, champions. Let the world know that you’re here to conquer, to redefine boundaries, and to leave an indelible mark. This isn’t just horology; this is history, and you, my friend, are its author. Time waits for no one, but with this masterpiece on your wrist, you command it, mold it, and make it your ally.

This is your moment, your Legacy Machine. Seize it. Do it justice. Game on.


Editions with 18-carat white gold diamond-set case with black lacquered dial, set with diamonds, set with baguette diamonds, lapis lazuli, malachite and ‘Cœur de Rubis’ (anyolite);

Limited editions in rose gold and platinum with guilloché dial;

Edition in yellow gold set with diamonds and accompanied by tiger’s eye dials;

Yellow gold edition with onyx dial.


Three-dimensional vertical architecture, self-winding movement designed and developed in-house by MB&F.

60-second central flying tourbillon

Power reserve: 100 hours

Balance frequency: 2.5Hz / 18,000bph

Three-dimensional sunburst rotor in 18-carat 5N+ rose gold, titanium and platinum

Number of components: 280

Number of jewels: 30

Materials: 18-carat white gold and diamonds, 18-carat pink gold or platinum, 18-carat yellow gold with or without diamonds

Top dome in sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, sapphire crystal on back

Dimensions: 38.5 x 20mm

Number of components: 17

Water-resistance: 3 ATM / 30m / 90


Hours and minutes displayed on a 50° vertically inclined sub-dial with two serpentine hands

Two crowns: movement winding on the left, time setting on the right

Calfskin or alligator straps with 18-carat gold or platinum pin buckle to match the case

Concierge Price: $154278

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This isn’t about telling time; it’s about transcending it. This is for those who understand that with every tick, they’re closer to seizing the next victory.

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