In an interview with Fox 26 in Houston, Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyoncé and Solange, opened up about the rumored rocky relationship between him and his daughters.

Talking to news reporter Jonathan Martin, Mr. Knowles aimed to set the record straight about his relationship with his superstar offspring.
“I’ll only say that I communicate with my daughters weekly,” he told Martin. “I would describe my relationship with my daughters as ‘loving.’” News reports have spread for years about the estranged relationship between Matthew and the “Shining” songbird, and recently, reports have spread that Mr. Knowles was not invited to the hospital to be there for the birth of Beyonce’s soon-to-be-born twins.
“That’s a lie,” said Knowles about the hospital rumor. “There’s a difference between a rumor and a lie. That’s a bold lie.”
In order to show the reporter that his relationship with his daughters is not strained, he showed recent text messages between him and Beyoncé. Martin revealed that Beyoncé sent her father a few videos and texted him last a few days before their interview.
“He can say, ‘I saw this, y’all are full of sh*t!’” says Mathew. “I don’t care what people say.”
Knowles also noted that he is proud of Solange for achieving musical success in “her way.”

In the beginning, we want to mold her into this pop star, and that’s not who she is,” he explained, stating he’s “a little more proud” of his younger daughter. “She wanted to do it her own way, and she did.”

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Mathew Knowles with Beyonce and Blue

Mathew Knowles with Solange and her son

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