These Master and Dynamic headphones are constructed out of premium materials and have excellent build quality along with excellent sound. The headphones come with a decent carrying case and two cables (one has an inline mic/remote for smartphone use) and have an integrated mute button.

This closed-back, over-the-ear headphone is beautifully crafted from forged aluminum, stainless steel and real lambskin leather, and its sound is competitive.

The headphone was designed and developed in New York City over two years.

Inside you’ll find 45mm drivers — this is a mobile-device-friendly headphone, with 32-ohm-rated impedance. Weighing 12.7 ounces (360 grams), it’s definitely heavier than most over-the-ear headphones. The upside is the MH40’s build quality feels super-solid, and the supple leather adds a sensual side to the design.

In terms of accessories, you get a simple but nice canvas carrying bag that has an integrated magnetic clasp and a small case for the two included cloth-covered, tangle-resistant cables. One is a 1.25-meter cable with a remote/mic for iOS devices (the microphone will work with Android and Windows phones but the remote may not be full functional), the other a 2-meter “plain” cable for audio purists.

This a passive headphone, and noise isolation from external noise is good. The right ear cup has a metal mute button that makes a satisfying click when you mute or unmute the music. The headband isn’t hinged, but the earcups do fold flat for storage.

The MH40’s sound is highly detailed, yet never harsh, and the bass is deep, without any boom or bloat. It’s not quite as strong in the midrange — vocals could be a little richer — but overall this is an excellent sounding headphone that stacks up well against other audiophile headphones

Colors: Black, Gunmetal or silver

Concierge Price: $1289.20
Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

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Beautifully crafted, rock-solid headphones that also sound excellent

Listen to your favorite music with master quality and style

Nobody gets between me and my microphone

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